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I just really like the work levifunk is doing!

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04/27/12 05:51 PM  
Finally 375ml bottles!
For a few years now I have pestered all my local friends for their used 375ml Russian River and Lost Abbey bottles. During those same years I've also pestered my buddy Tom at Rebel Brewer to figure out a way to get those bottles. A few months ago I got wind Vinnie and Tomme were moving the bottle production for this style to a company in North America. I was able to get Tom in contact with that company and now my LHBS will be the first shop to carry the "Vinnie" style bottle! These are the exact same awesome cage/corked ones Russian River and Lost Abbey use.


04/27/12 09:13 PM  
Re: Finally 375ml bottles!
Well that just made my decision to try and buy a pallet easier.
04/27/12 09:42 PM  
Re: Finally 375ml bottles!
Northern Brewer is getting them soon also, if they dont already have them
04/29/12 01:08 PM  
Re: Finally 375ml bottles!
Can you cork those with a bench capper? I've never used real corks before. I wonder if the plastic champagne stoppers would work too? Any idea how much CO2 they'll hold?
04/30/12 07:18 AM  
Re: Finally 375ml bottles!
I've carbed up 4 vol in RR bottles. They're heavy bottles. 380ish grams for a 375ml bottle. Not quite as heavy as an Orval bottle at 400ish grams for 330ml but still they're heavy bottles.

You need a corker preferably a champagne corker to cork them. As much as I like this bottle size I hate corking them though. The corker is not designed for 375ml bottles so I have to raise them up using something. I've used books in the past. I think since I'm getting a few cases I'll rig up something more permanent with wood that can slip onto the existing bottle platform thing. I don't know how well plastic champagne stoppers work in these either.

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