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04/03/12 10:59 PM  
leave on primary yeast?
I brewed what I'm calling a "Funky Oatmeal Stout". Pretty standard oatmeal stout grist, but I pitched a starter I made with an assortment of Sacch. and dregs from various sour beers (RR Consecration, JP Madrugada Obscura). It's been in the primary for only about a week now, but my question is whether I will need to rack this to secondary eventually. I hadn't really thought about the consequences of pitching both Sacch. and "bugs" at the same time. How long can I leave this in the primary?
04/04/12 09:49 AM  
Re: leave on primary yeast?
You could fi you wanted to, the only sour I leave on the yeast cake is Lambics all others I rack off the cake after about a month.
04/04/12 03:49 PM  
Re: leave on primary yeast?
Tom - why lambics, but not others?

I'm mainly concerned with disrupting the souring/aging process by racking it, though I've never left a beer on yeast for much longer than a month. And the only other beer where I've used Brett I added it after primary fermentation and in a secondary. This time around I just threw everything together at once.

04/04/12 05:53 PM  
Re: leave on primary yeast?
For what it's worth (no scientific evidence), I've had no bad experience leaving sour/funky beers on sacc/bugs for extended periods. I currently have a sour rye that's coming up on a year and a half in primary and a golden sour that's been in primary for almost 2.5 years. No ill effects that I can decipher.

I've left non-sour/funky beers on yeast cake for as long as 6months with no ill-effect.

04/05/12 06:43 AM  
Re: leave on primary yeast?
You won't NEED to rack it but you can if you want. I've got an imperial stout with the wyeast 9097 old ale blend going since November. I racked it out of primary (10gal corny) mostly because I wanted the primary space and stuck it in a better bottle. There was a ton of yeast left in suspension and I haven't moved it since. I've also got all my 6 gal better bottles tied up at the moment so I won't be racking it anytime soon unless I buy another better bottle.
04/05/12 09:05 AM  
Re: leave on primary yeast?
I believe there is evidence (don't have a source handy) that autolysis of the primary yeast over time provides food and other nutrients for Brett and other bugs during long-term aging.
04/06/12 11:50 AM  
Re: leave on primary yeast?
CASK1 - I had heard this too, but I wasn't sure just how much yeast you want to let autolyse. I imagine the Brett only need so much and that excessive dead yeast might then prove detrimental.

I've got some time to figure this out...the beer has only been fermenting for a week or so now. I won't start stressing about it until at least 4 weeks go by!

04/06/12 10:23 PM  
Re: leave on primary yeast?
I just notice a different character when I leave it on the cake. THe lambic thing is more of a tradition thing and the equipment I have dedicated to it.

SOme of it has to do with space, and character it imparts.

By all means you dont have to like everyone said.

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