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James M.
03/21/12 10:47 PM  
Brett Starter
Hi all first post on here.I'm going to be adding Brett B and dried sour cherries to a pretty well attenuated saison. The pack of wyeast Brett B is pretty old, should i make a starter with it? Also I have some tart cherry juice i was going to add in addition to the cherries, would it be possible to add the brett directly to the cherry juice to get it going instead of a starter with dme?

Thanks, James

03/22/12 07:22 AM  
Re: Brett Starter
I wouldn't unless you want to build up a culture that you can save some for later. Only time I'd build up a starter of brett is for using it in a primary fermentation. Otherwise I just let it grow from small cell counts and continue to reproduce in the bottles over time (if your bottles are heavy enough).
03/22/12 06:21 PM  
Re: Brett Starter
Same here. You'll get more brett character from a smaller pitch
Nick P.
03/23/12 12:38 PM  
Re: Brett Starter
If you want to make sure the brett is still viable...which it probably is...you could build a starter, then just pitch half of the starter and store the remaining half for later use!

Starters of brett can take much longer though...I didn't see much activity in my last brett starter until about 8 days.

James M.
03/24/12 02:29 PM  
Re: Brett Starter
My original idea was to dilute the tart cherry juice to 1.020 with distilled water,and just pitch half and store the rest.
03/24/12 06:57 PM  
Re: Brett Starter
Add the juice to the saison, pitch your old packet of brett B. and call it a good day! The brett will wake up and consume the sugars in the juice helping to kickstart your flavor and aroma characteristics you are looking for from the wild ones.
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