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03/14/12 02:04 PM  
Reusing East Coast Flemish Ale
Anyone reusing Al's blends? I have some yeast (flemish ale ECY02) from a flanders red I did and am curious about reusing it, with the bugs going out of whack and flavor profiles it might change? I have heard that they can go sour quicker but the blends are out of proportion (with roselare and such)

Best just to go fresh? or try reusing it?

03/14/12 02:39 PM  
Re: Reusing East Coast Flemish Ale
I pitched a washed culture into my flanders red in september, and it's doing very nicely. The person I got my culture from pitches 1/2 packet of s05 when he resuses it, but that's more of an insurance policy than anything else. I just pitched slurry, and had a vigorous primary fermentation.

Al might give you a different answer about the flavor profile shifting, but you *can* repitch them. And for those of us in Maine, it can be hard to get his cultures, so we reuse what we can get ;)

03/14/12 03:47 PM  
Re: Reusing East Coast Flemish Ale
Personally I would not hesitate to re-pitch something like that.
03/14/12 03:51 PM  
Re: Reusing East Coast Flemish Ale
Yeah thats why I kept it, in MN we get far and few chances of getting his stuff.

I did plan on pitching some regular sach to help fermentation along.

How long have you guys had the cake sitting around before reused?

03/14/12 04:48 PM  
Re: Reusing East Coast Flemish Ale
Can a citric acid wash help cut down on the proportion of bacteria to yeast? If it doesn't cut some down it might be able to kill all the bacteria in a slurry and then just add a tiny bit of untreated slurry back for the bacteria. I'd do like a 1 part of untreated to 10 parts treated if it works.
03/14/12 04:52 PM  
Re: Reusing East Coast Flemish Ale
Well I found a method to use possibly. I guess I could have searched before posting.

If you look at number 2 you can acidify the water and then treat it with sodium chlorite. I wonder what it'd do to the wild brett and stuff in the slurry.


Josh O.
05/02/12 11:49 AM  
Re: Reusing East Coast Flemish Ale
Reviving this thread. I finally managed to snag a vial of ECY02 and pitched it into a pale flemish ale about two weeks ago. Plan on reusing the slurry to at least ferment 10 gallons of Red. I'd love to rack and re-pitch at a month, but there's really no rush-- I've never re-pitched a mixed culture for a primary ferment, and I'm not sure what the best practices are. How long to wait/how does the time affect the characteristics of the beer? Should pitching rates be similar to a normal sacch ferment?

What do you guys do?

Al B
05/02/12 05:18 PM  
Re: Reusing East Coast Flemish Ale
There' a no one way but a good way is to use a Belgian yeast to primary them add some dregs from the older brew for aging.
Josh O.
05/02/12 11:52 PM  
Re: Reusing East Coast Flemish Ale
That's basically what I did with some slurry of BugFarm IV. Worked really well though with different results - pitched dregs it into a high gravity belgian tripel and got some marvelous bretty funk w/ little sourness (I assume the alcohol inhibited the lactic bacteria), and pitched into a stalled saison with a deliciously sour result (still aging). I've read an old thread or two where folks (mostly Cisco?) re-pitched the Roeselare blend over and over with good and consistent results, and it seemed like it was being reused as a primary culture but I wasn't certain what the timing/process was. Thought the ECY02 was probably a somewhat similar mix.

Thanks for the advice and thanks for the yeast - much obliged.

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