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03/01/12 11:24 AM  
ECY09 hell yeah!
I just wanted to let you guys know I did a Belgian Dubbel and a Dark Strong with ECY09. The recipes are very similar but just different gravity basically. Anyhow I just bottled the Dubbel this morning and it's awesome. It hits you with a sweet clovey flavor, very aromatic too, then it is balanced by the hops and the flavor of the candisyrup. The yeast is the stand out here because the recipe is very basic with just dark candi syrup for color/flavor and a very little bit of caravienna because I had it on hand.

If you guys are able to get some, and looking for a dubbel I highly suggest the ECY09 strain. It's great. I can't wait till this beer is carbed up.

03/04/12 04:21 PM  
Re: ECY09 hell yeah!
good to know, I just racked a low grav Belgian Pale with ECY09 to secondary a couple of hours ago. Kept a jar of slurry for a Dubbel I'm brewing on Thursday.

The fermenter smelled great, I picked up sweet, clove, spice also.

06/03/12 06:54 AM  
Re: ECY09 hell yeah!
Well I bottled up my quad yesterday. It clocked in at 88% attenuation from 1.092 to 1.011. The beer is smooth and once carbed up it is going to be awesome. I plan on brewing again with ECY09 very soon.

I some how contaminated the dubbel and that is now sitting with a dose of ECY04 to break down the exopolysaccharide complex from the bacteria (I assume pedio). So I'll brew up another dubbel and then brew up another dark strong.

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