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02/24/12 01:59 PM  
Thoughts on adding Brett C to this base beer?
Not sure what, ( if any), style this ale falls under, but then again, who cares?

So yesterday I made this:



IBU's- 44


90 min boil


8#'s pils

2#'s munich 10l

1# flaked rye

1# flaked barley

1# rye malt

8oz's aromatic

8oz's acidulated

6oz's sucrose

60 min - 1oz Brewers Gold @ 9.9AA

15 min - 1/2 Bramling Cross @ 6.3AA

5 min - 1/2 Bramling Cross @ 6.3AA

mashed higher than I usually do at 152 for 90

split batch sparge 158 for 20 and 10min's respectively.

Curious to get some input on adding brett to this once it's down around 1.020. I'm fermenting at room temps, (65ish-f), but can apply a heating pad if need be.

My concern is that the IBU's are a bit high for a beer with brett, but the fact that I mashed a tad higher is encouraging me to go ahead and pitch some.

Has anyone had experience adding brett in this manner to a relatively bitter beer?

Also curious to hear what type of brett folks think might go well with this base, if any.

Nick P.
02/24/12 08:04 PM  
Re: Thoughts on adding Brett C to this base beer?
I've never used Bramling Cross before but I've heard that they give a black currant flavors and some spicyness. I'm not sure how that would mesh with the Pineapple flavor that Brett C. puts out.

Your recipe to me looks like a Saison recipe with a high hop rate, and a lowish final gravity. I personally think that a Brett B, or Brett L may compliment those hops and the rye better. My Brett C was the WL version (i think) and it has been in the bottle for a year and is still very fruity (pineapple). If you think those flavors mesh, then go for it!

I think your recipe sounds great as is, but you may look to a brett that has more of the cherry flavor.

I'm no expert..just my 2 cents.

I wouldn't worry about the IBU's being too high necessarily, I think that that comes into conflict more when you also use bacteria to sour the beer and that's not the case here.

02/25/12 11:23 AM  
Re: Thoughts on adding Brett C to this base beer?
I guess that's where I'm off, I was under the impression that brett C gives of the cherry notes.

I suppose it is a "saison"ish recipe, though I'm going to just let it ferment out at room temps, hoping to accentuate the maltier side of things. I've used brett b in the past and it just gave off SO much barnyard, goaty funk. I'm shooting for something a bit more subdued than that.

Nick P.
02/25/12 02:56 PM  
Re: Thoughts on adding Brett C to this base beer?
From my experience with White Labs Brett C. I get pineapple and not cherry. The barnyard, funk is very subdued as well. I've read that there is variation between the Wyeast and White Labs Brett C. strains and have read on forums of people getting the cherry notes from Brett C. Not in my experience though.

I'll crack open one of my Saison Brett C's tonight and confirm again though.

I was recently at Northern Brewer looking for Brett for an Ithaca Brute clone. I thought Brett C might work well for it so I asked the guy if they had any and when it would be available. He said that the last few vials he's received from (either Wyeast or White Labs) have been completely dead. He'd make a starter for them and no activity. Seems it might be tough to get your hands on some good Brett C right now anyways.

I guess the question is...which Wyeast or Whitelabs Brett strain gives the Cherry notes.

My Flanders has tons of Cherry notes going on....but I used the Roseleare Blend. What ever Brett they put in that blend I guess.

02/25/12 10:04 PM  
Re: Thoughts on adding Brett C to this base beer?
I went with wyeast Brett L. after doing some sleuthing, it would appear that their Brett l is the one most people associate with the cherry pie flavors.
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