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Nick P
02/23/12 11:32 PM  
When to burn a Sulfur stick?
I'm trying to decipher wine barrel maintenance directions and all of the info says to rinse barrel with water, let drain completely and then burn a sulfur stick in it.

My question is, do I need to let the barrel completely dry-out, or do I just need to wait so that there are no pools of water until I burn the sulfur stick.

The reason why I'm asking is because I drained the barrel of water tonight. Power washed it with hot water, rinsed with cool water. Let it drain completely for 2 hours (confirmed that it was completely drained), and then I tipped it back right side up and burned a half a sulfur stick in it. (I drilled a hole in a sulfur stick, and then used an upside down hanger to lower it half way into the barrel) If I was supposed to wait until the barrel was absolutely completely dry before burning the stick, I'll pull the bung out and give it a good power washing ASAP.

Let me know what you think.

03/10/12 09:50 PM  
Re: When to burn a Sulfur stick?
There can be a little water in it, it shouldn't be a problem. Make sure to cover the bunghole when you burn the stick, then remove the stick and bung it up until its time to fill. Then rinse again! And soak the barrel heads for at least a day each before filling to avoid leaks
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