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Nick P
02/08/12 10:32 AM  
Sour beers are low Carb?
So, I wasn't having a thought because I'm on a health kick. It got me thinking that beer is high in carbs because they typically have lots of residual sugars.

Sour beers are extremely dry and have very little residual sugars.

Anyone know if this is the right line of thinking?

02/08/12 02:37 PM  
Re: Sour beers are low Carb?
A few years ago I was fighting off the onset of type II diabetes. Had lots of convo's regarding do's and don'ts. In the end, the most optimal type of beer was lambic for the exact reasons you outlined.
02/08/12 08:58 PM  
Re: Sour beers are low Carb?
All beers are low carb, especially when compared with drinks like wine.

Dry cider is probably your best bet in terms of residuals (and the sours) but alcohol itself contributes calories so low alc, dry drinks probably win (and taste good).

Nick P
02/08/12 09:27 PM  
Re: Sour beers are low Carb?
manticle..I was under the impression that wine is low in carb.

SteveG I hope you are doing well.


Low alcohol, dry, low terminal gravity beers are the way to go!

02/09/12 10:29 AM  
Re: Sour beers are low Carb?
Thanks Nick, in the 5 months following the notice from my doctor I changed my diet, started an exercise routine and managed to zero out my blood work. So yes, very healthy!

The cider suggestion is a good one, ciders can ferment down a little past 0.

Nick P.
02/10/12 11:50 AM  
Re: Sour beers are low Carb?
Very cool Steve. I realized that balance was key for me. Essentially, if I'm going to be obsessed with brewing beer, I'm also going to have to be obsessed with working out, eating right, and mainly just being mind full.


02/12/12 02:02 AM  
Re: Sour beers are low Carb?

I think you are right re wine and carbs - It's low carb but has a higher calorie contribution than beer.

Beers are still not massive in carbs though - it's essentially a health drink - nutrients, vitamins, water and hops.

For me, avoiding processed foods and eating lean meats and salads, combined with healthy regular exercise is going to be more successful than drinking only dry beer (although beer and wine both fit my definition of processed foodstuff.

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