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Nick P.
01/31/12 08:24 PM  
Barrel Rack construction project help
My HBC is about to start a barrel project, we have the American Oak Barrel and it seems to be in great condition.

Now we need a barrel rack. Anyone make a barrel rack, or buy a cheap one, or have any advice whatsoever?

Any help would be appreciated!



02/01/12 12:15 AM  
Re: Barrel Rack construction project help
I got a rack with my barrel from Vadai. Wouldn't be hard to make, but I didn't have the time.


02/01/12 08:43 AM  
Re: Barrel Rack construction project help
2"x12" cut to shape with a jigg saw braced with some 2'x4" or something depending on sturdy you want it.

All you need is scrap material as you do not need that large of peices.

Should be really cheap to make one, if not free if you have scrap lumber laying around

02/01/12 08:44 AM  
Re: Barrel Rack construction project help
Also the one listed is only for a 13g
02/02/12 11:48 AM  
Re: Barrel Rack construction project help
I made one out of scrap wood. 2x4s mostly (maybe only, I'd have to look at it). It only took me a couple hours but most of that was trying to decide how I wanted to do it.
02/02/12 10:01 PM  
Re: Barrel Rack construction project help
Our club got some heavy duty wooden dollies (like for moving pianos) and nailed some boards on either side to prevent the barrel from rolling side-to-side. This way the barrel can be moved more easily to a different location if the need arises.
02/02/12 10:17 PM  
Re: Barrel Rack construction project help
have you been to a lambic brewer? you don't need anything fancy, I use a couple 4x4s and some wooden wedges; no cutting or assembly required.
Nick P.
02/08/12 11:23 AM  
Re: Barrel Rack construction project help
I'm assuming the rack will need to pretty damn sturdy. I was on the Lambic Brewer site...you mean this guy ?..


According to him a barrel full is around 550 to 600lbs.

I like the idea of heavy duty wooden dollies! Casters would be money!

I think we'll try and build something this weekend. I need to get it in my basement and assess it's viability!

Any other advice would be helpful.

02/08/12 09:56 PM  
Re: Barrel Rack construction project help
No, sorry for not being clear. Take a look at this picture:


You are way over thinking how complicated this needs to be.

I literally have 1 4x4 for the front and 1 4x4 for the back. I rest the barrels on those and then went out to the scrap wood pile and got four pieces of wood that I could wedge onto either side of each 4x4 so that the barrel would not roll.

the barrels that Boon uses are way bigger than a standard 60 gallon wine barrel and this works fine for him and cantillon & hanssens, etc.

You can purchase / make a pretty barrel rack, but it is purely cosmetic. I probably will get some one day when I have some extra time / money on my hands, but it certainly is not necessary.

02/09/12 11:27 AM  
Re: Barrel Rack construction project help
That photo seems a little misconceving.

Just for one barrel in a basement it is different, you have to make sure things wont be sliding around and such. Barells stacked like this with these wedges are different that just having one sitting on a basement floor

Nick P.
02/09/12 11:43 AM  
Re: Barrel Rack construction project help
I need to keep it off the floor in my basement. I also would like it to be on casters.

I just figured there would be some "how to" schematic, or some type of DIY out there on how to construct your own barrel rack. I know we can figure it our ourselves...just thought I'd check here first for advice.

I also do want it to be fairly "pretty as you say" because I'm having a hard enough time getting approval from the wife..although I do have approval. I pick my battles and simply laying 4x4's on the basement floor isn't gonna cut it.

Plus, it's a fun project for my homebrew club to do together to construct this stand for our barrel project as I want them all to feel a part of it.

02/15/12 11:35 AM  
Re: Barrel Rack construction project help
I am going to be building some racks sometime soon, in my previous research about it I bookmarked a site with a design I liked.


Nick P.
02/17/12 10:30 AM  
Re: Barrel Rack construction project help
Bokonon...thanks! That's about exactly what I did last night! I used 4x4's and the casters that said they can holp 250 lbs a piece. I'm assuming with the weight distribution on the rack that these will be strong enough to help the barrel when full! Now I need to clean it and get it filled! Cheers everyone! I appreciate it. I'll take a picture eventually and post on my blog and get the link up here to help anyone else the may have the same questions in the future.
02/17/12 12:43 PM  
Re: Barrel Rack construction project help
Please do share. I've been waiting till I move to put my barrels into service and that should be happening soon. I've got 4 15 gallon old wine barrels and one 59 gallon new american oak barrel.
Nick P.
02/21/12 05:00 PM  
Re: Barrel Rack construction project help

I went with a really simple construction. I had 4x4 treated fence post laying around so used those. I also have a 1x4 that I used to angle in and I didn't even secure those so they are easily removed.

I bought casters, but they don't fit under the 4x4 as I wanted so I'm going to buy smaller ones tonight and slap some casters on it as well!

The good thing is, the wife thinks it looks cool! She better because it's gonna be down there for a few years!

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