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01/24/12 05:29 PM  
Interest in 375mL bottles
I'm wondering if someone had cases of 375mL bottles for sale if anyone would be serious about buying them. I am seriously considering buying a whole pallet if a bottle supplier will sell them to me, along with cases. I will keep what I want/need and then sell the rest off. Now this is a lot of bottles. The pallet is 1834 bottles. If divided up into cases that'd be 76 cases worth with a hand full of loose bottles. My dad and I are both considering this. I just want to know before we go buying a pallet of glass and I lay out money that there's a demand.

I loosely know there is but I just don't know how big. I know homebrewers are a frugal bunch, but buying beer packaged in these bottles isn't the most cost effective way to build up a glass supply. As much as I love buying Hanssens or Cantillion I can't justify the $10+ price tags for a single bottle each time.

I thought the best way to do a little market research is to ask fellow homebrewers. I know that in the past morebeer had 375s for sale but have never restocked.

So is there serious enough interest that I should even bother?

01/25/12 03:52 PM  
Re: Interest in 375mL bottles
what part of the country are you located?
01/25/12 06:41 PM  
Re: Interest in 375mL bottles
Harrisburg, PA
01/26/12 10:34 PM  
Re: Interest in 375mL bottles
What is the approximate case cost?

Are these the green Champagne splits or something else?

I certainly might be interested depending on the cost.

01/27/12 08:13 AM  
Re: Interest in 375mL bottles
Well as it stands the one company that replied to me stopped replying. So they likely said "screw this guy". I have NO idea what the cost would be as no one has shot me a price yet.

The reality is it likely won't happen because all these bottle retailers are not concerned about working with small timers like me. Every single place I know either won't respond or stopped responding.

01/27/12 08:15 PM  
Re: Interest in 375mL bottles
Here are 375ml bottles available by the pallet. Not sure if you have tried these guys, but I think they are in Canada.


01/28/12 11:21 AM  
Re: Interest in 375mL bottles
Bad ass! I will let my LHBSs know.
Nick P.
01/31/12 10:54 AM  
Re: Interest in 375mL bottles
I've been searching and searching for 375ml champagne bottles. I'll take at least 4 - 6 cases if you get them! That would be awesome. Let me know!

Cheers from Minneapolis!

01/31/12 11:23 AM  
Re: Interest in 375mL bottles
Well none of my LHBS were interested in getting a pallet. So I may be back to my original plan. However it's looking up dealing with United Packaging. I will let you know more when I know more. I just have to convince my wife that this is a good idea.

01/31/12 03:38 PM  
Re: Interest in 375mL bottles
SInce there fairly new maybe try working with some of the bigger players in homebrew shops to try and get someone to carry them, like NB, morebeer, midwest, austin etc.
01/31/12 06:19 PM  
Re: Interest in 375mL bottles
Work with them just for the privilege to buy them? If the prices of their 750s are an indicator these would be around $24 for the case of 12. I'll take my chances starting with one pallet. I know I want a bunch for myself, and I will approach the local stores to see if any of them want some without committing to a full pallet.
Nick P.
01/31/12 08:26 PM  
Re: Interest in 375mL bottles
Just make sure I get my cases before you sell them off to your LHBS!



02/01/12 08:48 AM  
Re: Interest in 375mL bottles
375ml that are available right now are that expensive, always will be I assume.

I would assume your getting your deal out of the end on what you want.

02/01/12 10:19 AM  
Re: Interest in 375mL bottles
What 375mLs are available now? Are you talking about the champagne "splits"? Just this morning I received a price quote on them with out cardboard cases for double the price of these "Vinny" 375s from UP. They are probably imported though which greatly adds to the cost, likely Saint Gobain.

The thing I see with all retailers is they carry all the same stuff. A majority either deals with Crosby & Baker or LD Carlson. Which both supply with basically the same stuff. So in order to keep supplier accounts low I doubt they'll deal with a separate bottle supplier.

Would you guys be interested it more of a group buy? That way I know exactly how many will be purchased off the bat. Which, in turn, will lower the case price for you guys since you're committing to X amount of cases. Then whatever is left on the pallet I will buy and markup/sell elsewhere. Of course you'd all have to trust me to do this and that is the main issue of a group buy.

02/01/12 03:23 PM  
Re: Interest in 375mL bottles
There not like these new ones they are usually clear bottles/ blue and green but I have never seen brown. A while back I was searching for smaller bottles like that and they were available but all very expensive.

I dont have the link on me but a google search for them will give you a bunch of expensive options

Depending on the price I would be interested. If there outrageous I will just stick to 12oz

02/01/12 04:36 PM  
Re: Interest in 375mL bottles
Tom and others interested in a group buy send me an email eodcole at gmail. I will discuss case price there I want to respect UP's unpublished prices by not publishing them.

02/01/12 11:11 PM  
Re: Interest in 375mL bottles
Just wondering if you tried contacting Northern Brewer? Seems they'd want to offer these bottles.
Nick P.
02/08/12 11:46 AM  
Re: Interest in 375mL bottles
I've been using the large bottle caps (29's) to cap my American Champagne-style bottles I bought from Midwest brew supply. Using the (26) side of my bottle capper, and (29) caps, this method works well! Any idea if this method would work for these bottles? Otherwise, will I need to buy a champagne corker, and champagne corks?
02/08/12 08:01 PM  
Re: Interest in 375mL bottles
Are you talking wing capper on these Vinnie 375s? I don't see why that wouldn't work. Of course I don't have a bottle to try it on at this time. I do actually have a wing capper though which I could give it a shot with. The only bottles I have right now are the cork only from Russian River and not from United Packaging.
03/25/12 05:38 PM  
Re: Interest in 375mL bottles
FYI- on the most recent "brewing tv" episode they announced that Northern Brewer will be carrying 375ml bottles. They aren't on the website yet, but should show up soon (stated end up march, early april on the episode)
03/26/12 08:13 AM  
Re: Interest in 375mL bottles
That's cool. Depending on what they are I might not even try to do what I was planning. I have lots of resistance from the wife when it comes to ordering a pallet of bottles.
03/26/12 10:40 AM  
Re: Interest in 375mL bottles
I have seen them, they are the same ones Vinnie uses
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