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Chris G
01/24/12 12:49 PM  
Old Hallertau hops
I've got some old Organic Hallertau hop pellets from Brew Organic from about 5-6 years ago that have been vac sealed and in my freezer - I don't generally make Lambics and was wondering if its still cool to use these in other Belgian Styles?

How do I figure out if these things are gone past their time? Ive got like 10 oz's.

Mike T
01/25/12 09:11 AM  
Re: Old Hallertau hops
It is hard to estimate the bitterness contributed by aged hops. They probably aren’t old enough to use at the rate that lambic brewers do because they have been stored pretty well (pellet hops are also more resistant to oxidation than whole). There wouldn’t be a problem adding an ounce or two near the start of the boil for any sour beer, but for anything clean I would just buy fresh hops. No sense risking the time/expense of a batch of beer to save $5 on hops.
Chris G
01/25/12 09:23 AM  
Re: Old Hallertau hops
Pulled them out of the freezer and cut the bag open and found these to smell fine - no old sock, cheese smell to them at all - the AA content has probably withered...what do you think? They are about 6%AA - just use for full boil?
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