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05/26/12 11:10 AM  
Re: Bug County
Little bit of an update on the ECY20 fermented saison recipe. I had opened a bottle back in Feb and like I mentioned it developed the pedio/lacto exopolysaccharide complex giving it the ropy viscosity. Well Last night I popped one of my 375ml bottles and the viscosity is gone. It pours like a regular beer now. There may be a slight viscosity left at this point but I can't really tell if it's that or the body from the spelt I used. One way or another I think the beer is very good. It has a serious funky aroma, the flavor is less funk than the aroma. The barnyard aroma is strong with this one. Dare I say it has a slight butyric quality. There is no sulfur that I can detect but it could be what is influencing me to think there's a slightly butyric aroma but not in the flavor. I'm sure that over time that character will age out to levels below detection. I'm VERY happy with how this beer turned out.
05/31/12 08:17 AM  
Re: Bug County
Just over 4 months and this has plenty of funk, sourness and acidity. It needs a little time to smooth out but turning out really nice.

I didnt take a gravity reading, so not sure how much more is left for the bugs to chew on. I might have to do a heavier blend if they keep going for a while.

05/31/12 09:53 PM  
Re: Bug County
Tried a sample the other night about 4 months in and it is pretty funky, some good sourness, and acidity. I didnt take a gravity reading but I think this is going to be ready pretty early.

Defintaly needs a little time to smooth out but I think this will be ready way under a years time. Hopefully it doesnt go to far might have to do a little heavier blending.

05/31/12 09:55 PM  
Re: Bug County
Ha shit, thought I posted that but checked the site and didnt see it went to page two so I thought I forgot to hit submit
08/07/12 11:00 AM  
Re: Bug County
Little bit of an update on my oud bruin using purple corn. The beer started at 1.082 (I was aiming for 1.070) it is now sitting at 1.003 after brewing in November. I think it's close to done. It's boozy but not nearly as detectable as I'd think it would have been. It has a nice acidity but it's not puckering sour. I am happy with how it came out big time. Now to get this bottle up soon and then brew another batch, with a more appropriate gravity mind you.
10/07/12 09:47 AM  
Re: Bug County
Well I bottled this up and figure I won't be opening a bottle for at least six months or more. Anyhow something weird about using purple corn in sour beers. I suggest against doing so. The anthocyanins can react with a compound called acrolein which is the final metabolic product of gylcerol that the lactic acid bactera break down. The acrolein can/will react with the anthocyanins giving you a super bitter tannic flavor. This is what happens in bitter wine taint and this is what happened to my Flanders red that had almost 3lbs of purple corn. I have since dumped a tablespsoon of vitamin C into the flanders red (helps break down the acrolein) and some of the extreme bitterness has dissipated.

So anyway the big beer is bottled but is slightly suffers from bitter taint that I hope will reduce over time. It's not nearly as bad as the Flanders red was. I also didn't know about the reaction of vitamin C and acrolein until after I packaged up the big Flemish Morado.

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