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Nick P
01/05/12 08:24 PM  
Barrel Question..what do I do?
I have a quick barrel question.

My HBC is starting a sour barrel project. Funky Flanders reds, and funky Siason's is what I want.

We've been told that we can get a French Oak barrel that was previously used for Honey Wine by a local Minneapolis Brew Pub. It was acquired by a friend two months ago, who filled it with water. Then one month ago, he drained the barrel (he didn't want the water to freeze in the typically frozen Minnesota weather.) It's been sitting empty outside for 1 month. The last month has been mid 30's during the day and below freezing during the night.

Talk to me. My understanding is that he should have burned some sulfur in this. Will this barrel be too acidic and turn our beer into vinegar? Acetobactor is it?

If we can clean this barrel, it would be very ideal as it's free!

Any help is appreciated!


Nick in Minneapolis

01/05/12 10:49 PM  
Re: Barrel Question..what do I do?
Your biggest concern will be whether or not you can re-hydrate it so it's liquid tight would be my guess. I've used a few barrels that didn't get the sulfur treatment and were fine. Just gave them a good rinse before filling them.
01/06/12 12:29 PM  
Re: Barrel Question..what do I do?
+1 I would try filling it with water again and seeing if it's still water tight. If it smells funky, you can try a sulfur stick.

Ideally the best way to do it would have been to fill it right away after it was emptied. And honestly I would keep this in mind. If the first barrel turns out to be unusable, then have everybody brew the beer before getting the replacement barrel. That way you can fill it as soon as you get it. That's what I did with my barrel project.

Nick P.
01/06/12 12:53 PM  
Re: Barrel Question..what do I do?
Sounds good. We'll pick it up tonight and see if it's water tight! Thanks. I can acquire barrels from a guy that gets them direct from wineries...but his last shipment was in August and they've been sitting in his garage since then. Those barrels are sulfured, and taken care of properly though. For a $100 I might just go that route. We shall see. Let me know what you think!
Tom B
01/10/12 11:49 AM  
Re: Barrel Question..what do I do?
Which brew pub are they from?

THere are two places I have found that you can get barells from in MN that are cheap.


He also sells staves that are soaked in wine for really cheap.


I have not got anything from this place

If you need help filling the barell I would be interested, I have been looking for a group to start a Barrell project with

Nick P.
01/13/12 10:54 PM  
Re: Barrel Question..what do I do?
The barrel came from Town Hall. I'm not positive whether it had red or white wine in it originally, but it is a French Oak barrel. At Town Hall they used it one time for Mead, which they called Honey Wine.

We are starting this project as part of the Nordeast Brewers Alliance. It's a homebrew club we started in NE Mpls about a year ago. If you want in, come in to our meetings and join the crew! You don't have to live in Nordeast to join our crew. We meet at Pracna the 3rd Sat of every month. Next meeting is January 21st at 4pm.

I had planned on getting a barrel from "by the barrel", but their last shipment of barrels was in August, which means they've been sitting empty since then.

I've talked to the ladies out in Shakopee as well at the barrel depot. Somehow they can get 30 gallon barrels which I may get for myself at some point!

I'm definitely lacking in the barrel maintenance department so am looking forward to getting started down the righteous path!

Cheers Tom. I have a ton of younger sour beer in carboy's hanging around. My oldest flanders turns 1 year old on Jan 20th. All in all I have 3o gallons of flanders, lambic, or saison brett handing around getting ready to be bottled eventually. Give me a ring or come to one of our meetings and we'll talk shop and eventually drink our own acid beers!

Nick P.


Tom B
01/16/12 02:13 PM  
Re: Barrel Question..what do I do?
hmmmm.. they have a 30g option? I will have to check that out that I might be able to pull off myself.
Tom B
01/16/12 02:17 PM  
Re: Barrel Question..what do I do?
I saw a flyer for you guys in the (new)Northern brewer the other day.

I have been meaning to get into a hombrew club again (used to be in MNhomebrewers), a new born (1 year now) took away from doing a lot of the homebrew club stuff. I wasn't a huge fan of the mn hbc more gatherings and such than brewing/discussion going on

I will keep you and the two other ones I have been thinking about joining in mind

Nick P
01/31/12 10:32 AM  
Re: Barrel Question..what do I do?
Hey Tom,

Definitely think about checking us out. Our first year we feel into the whole Homebrew Club/Social club status and realized that that isn't what people want. This year we have a huge focus on Educational Topics, Events, Club contests, process improvement, equipment improvement, etc.

Hope to see you out at our next meeting.

Great to see that our signage is working! I thought I was the only one putting those signs up, but I've never been to the new Northern Brewer.

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