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12/23/11 08:53 PM  
first sour beer
just looking for some advice on where i am at on my first sour beer. at the moment it is six months old and etremely clear and with no pellicle. in had a sample from the wine thief a couple of weeks back and it has very low body a slight brett funk but close to zero sourness. i used 60/30 pilsener/raw wheat grist and 10 ibu of hallerrtau at 9o mins. mashed at about 67c for 90 mins and sparged at 80 something for memory. i ptched the wyeast lambic blend and until tasting had not been touched since. my main question is should i be worried at the lack of funk and sourness at this relativly early stage or will it be some thing that will build over the next 12 months or so. just some feedback on others experiances would be great. also i have 5kg of cherries would it be a good time to throw these in now?

thanks heaps


12/25/11 12:47 PM  
Re: first sour beer
You should have added more dextrin type malts (crystals, munichs etc) for the bugs to feast on. The addition of the cherries should get it started again.
12/27/11 10:53 AM  
Re: first sour beer
I find the wyeast lambic blend to be a good base for sour beers but I feel like that blend benefits from additional souring agents such as dregs from commercial sour beers (Jolly Pumpkin, Cantillon, Drie Fontenin, Russian River, etc). Unless you are repitching that blend over several generations where it will lead to a faster, bolder sourness.

I brewed a lambic with that blend 4 years ago and even at 18 mos old the beer was pretty brett funky but not very sour like I was hoping for. If after another 6 mos your beer isn't sour enough for your liking you could always pitch the dregs of a couple sour beers or use the beer as a blender for other batches in the future (which is what I ended up doing).

Since then I have mainly been doing sour beers with Al's Bugfarm blends from East Coast Yeast with very quick souring results. You might want to look into getting ahold of some of his concoctions although they can be hard to come by sometimes.

12/28/11 05:25 AM  
Re: first sour beer
thanks for the replies. i racked on top of the cherries on the weekend and had a sample while i was at it. it seems to have gained a bit more sourness so hopefully shoulld get some more, ive got to say it seems to be coming along nice so ill leave it another 12 months or more and see what happens.
12/28/11 09:24 AM  
Re: first sour beer
beerhog, that sample you tasted, was it pretty dry?
12/28/11 11:43 PM  
Re: first sour beer
yeah it was pretty dry and tested to about 1006 on the first sample wich was about six weeks ago. when i tasted it again on the weekend when i racked it it was still dry but the sourness had increased a fair bit and it seems to be getting a little bit more body back to it. i think i am learning that this is going to take a lot of patince to get the result im looking for, but that is just a great excuse to get another down while i wait for this one.
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