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12/13/11 04:32 PM  
yeast pitching rate
I'm looking to brew 60 gallons of Lambic in a barrel. I don't have the ability to spontaneously ferment (coolship) at the moment, so I'm wondering how much yeast you'd recommend pitching in? Also, should I stage the yeast so sacro has some time before lacto/pedio/brett is added? or all at once?
12/14/11 11:11 PM  
yeast pitching rate
I have done some barrels on my own in the last few years. The brews have turned out good, but more sour than balanced or bretty.

If I was to do it again I would ferment with a Belgian yeast at low temp, mash in the 154 range, set my IBU's for about 10-15, transfer nothing but clean fermented beer to the barrel, add big pitches of healthy brett, wait, finally add lacto when the brett was close to done and wait some more.

After having some 2 60 gallons barrels, 2 20s and one 10 brew, ferment and bottle; the work load for one guy is tremendous.

If I ever brew into a 60 wine barrel again I will split the work with 3 friends so each guy is only on the hook for 15 gallons. Then after a year everyone comes over and helps bottle or takes their share home and bottles on their own.

This seems to work for Old Sock and looking at 60 gallons of the same beer is a huge undertaking for one guy. 24 cases of 22s or 750 mls is just allot for one person.

Sorry to ramble, but I went to big and now have so much sour beer I am burnt on bottling and drinking it!

Good luck,


12/15/11 01:56 PM  
Re: yeast pitching rate
That sounds like the best problem one could ever have.

I'm cultivating wild yeast, so my question is how much yeast do I need to build up to pitch in a 60 gallon barrel?

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