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Nick P.
12/13/11 09:52 AM  
ECY02 Long lag time..
Alright, I have a quick question. Here's the background.....I did a 10 gallon saison recipe the other day and realized that I didn't have ONE of my intended Saison yeasts. I did have ECY02 and ECY03 that had a date of August 31st on them so just over 3 months old. For the Flemish portion I left out the 60 minute hop addition to lower the IBU to 15 IBU's. The Saison half of the batch (hopped to 40 IBU's) I pitched ECY03 and that is chugging away like crazy after 12 hours. It's now 30 hours after pitching and the ECY02 Flemish blend has no signs of active fermentation yet and I'm worried that the yeast was old or bad.

Is it possible that the Sacc strain has went dormant or died, and the Brett, Pedio, and Lacto (and whatever else) are still healthy and I just need to pitch another Sacc strain?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated

12/13/11 12:31 PM  
Re: ECY02 Long lag time..
Have you given the fermentor any heat? I've used split batches with ECY strains and found that the brett/bacteria blends take a bit to get cranking compared to the sacch/brett blends. I could be wrong but the second I gave the fermentor heat for a little while it started cranking then it was good.
Nick P.
12/13/11 02:23 PM  
Re: ECY02 Long lag time..
I'll try that tonight. Thanks for sharing your experience!
Nick P.
12/15/11 09:09 AM  
Re: ECY02 Long lag time..
Raised the temp from 68 to 73 and that did the trick! Thanks. Now I just have to wait a year or so!
12/18/11 03:42 PM  
Re: ECY02 Long lag time..
Good to know it worked. Now I just have to get my butt over the PHB to grab some ECY02 when it is in stock. I have a $100 gift certificate to use there and want to go when ECY is in stock. I have all the grain I need even my purple maize for the recipe that I'll be making.
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