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12/08/11 08:00 AM  
Age in bottle vs. age in carboy
What is the difference between aging a funk or sour beer in a bottle vs. aging the same beer in a carboy or keg?

The only thing I can think of is that in the bottle I have to prime for carbonation and that it will create pressure inside the bottle. Is it why it is preferable to age in a big vessel?

Mike T
12/08/11 09:27 AM  
Re: Age in bottle vs. age in carboy
Pressure and over-carbonation are certainly a big part of the reason for bulk aging sour/funky beers. Other reasons include: flavoring the beer with oak, fruit, spices etc., and waiting to blend the beer until after it ages. I also find that the longer I age a beer in bulk the more consistent it is, bottling early promotes bottle-to-bottle variation due to slight differences in temperature, oxygen sediment between bottles.
12/08/11 10:54 AM  
Re: Age in bottle vs. age in carboy
Thanks Mike. Your reply makes perfect sense.

Now I need to find a big container... I have 15Gal of oatmeal stout that unexpectedly turned wild in an barrel and I need to remove it from the oak fast. I was considering bottling but you convinced me otherwise.

On the positive side, the wild stout tastes good.

Mike T
12/08/11 03:04 PM  
Re: Age in bottle vs. age in carboy
If it went wild in the barrel why not just leave it there? The barrel is never going to have a clean beer in it again, it is nearly impossible to fully sanitize wood.
12/08/11 04:57 PM  
Re: Age in bottle vs. age in carboy
It's just that the barrel is not very old and the beer is getting a lot of oak character already. It's been there for a month or so.

I wont' be doing this because it's not worth risking 15Gal of brew, but is it possible to sanitize a barrel by recirculating for a couple of hours boiling water in-between the barrel and a boiling pot using pumps ? granted it will start loosing the oak character that way.

12/08/11 06:19 PM  
Re: Age in bottle vs. age in carboy
Your only option, really, is sulfur sticks and that likely won't even work. The brett and bacteria can live as far as .25" into the wood I think.
12/08/11 10:35 PM  
Re: Age in bottle vs. age in carboy
That barrel is done for clean beers. Just keep it topped and enjoy the ride.


12/09/11 08:04 AM  
Re: Age in bottle vs. age in carboy
Well, I always wanted a sour barrel anyway.

Thanks guys.

12/09/11 10:43 AM  
Re: Age in bottle vs. age in carboy
I would be happy to take it off your hands...HA
12/11/11 12:27 AM  
Re: Age in bottle vs. age in carboy
My understanding is that bulk maturation gives a better result than bottled although of course you can do both.

I'm not sure what I'm basing that on except that I find beers that I age in fermenters/carboys seem to give me more of the character I'm looking for. That's all beers, not just sour/funk. Personal experience and something I once read I guess, plus a lot of assumption.

In addition to what Mike said (adding fruit etc) I'd also say that not bottling means I don't sample them before they are ready. A tapless demijohn is a beer I set and forget. Stick it in a bottle and I need to know if it's improved since last week.

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