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11/27/11 05:16 PM  
Removing 'Hard To Remove' Labels
I'm wondering if anybody has an easier way to remove labels from commercial bottles. I'm specifically thinking of the ones that use the stronger adhesive, such as Lost Abbey. I wish they all would stick to the water-based glue the Belgians - such as DuPont - use.

I have a lot of 750 mL and 375 mL of these sort and these seem to need to be scraped off the bottle and it still is difficult to get all the glue off without scraping them hard with steel wool or similar abrasive.

11/27/11 06:55 PM  
Re: Removing 'Hard To Remove' Labels
The real pain in the butt bottles I use hot water, oxyclean, and a sharp knife. I have not figured out a better way other than that.
11/27/11 06:56 PM  
Re: Removing 'Hard To Remove' Labels
I've yet to find a way, if a couple hour soak in hot oxyclean won't take them off they just end up in my recycling bin.
11/27/11 09:02 PM  
Re: Removing 'Hard To Remove' Labels
Yeah, that's the problem. With a lot of work I can get the label off, but it's very hard to get all the glue off. I wish the breweries would change their glue rather than homebrewers having to 'waste' bottles.
11/28/11 12:00 PM  
Re: Removing 'Hard To Remove' Labels
A heat gun works well to soften the glue.
11/29/11 11:32 AM  
Re: Removing 'Hard To Remove' Labels
Warm PBW works better well also.
11/29/11 03:14 PM  
Re: Removing 'Hard To Remove' Labels
Oxiclean, unscented. Some labels are very stubborn and need coaxing, but many I find floating in the soak pool after a couple hours. The bad ones can soak for a day, they will soften though enough to scrap off with your fingernails.
12/01/11 02:01 PM  
Re: Removing 'Hard To Remove' Labels
I have used paint thinner to dissolve hard to remove labels in glass. Always successful except for some vitamin plastic bottle. Scrape off as much of the label as possible mechanically, then rub the solvent with a paper towel.
12/05/11 12:09 PM  
Re: Removing 'Hard To Remove' Labels
The options stated work

ones that are a pain,throw away IME not worth the time spent scrubbing and rinsing and scrubbing. Another option is just to leave them on there, they do not need to be taken off

if oxyclean doesnt take it off your going to have to get into major chemcical filled stuff.

12/06/11 01:01 AM  
Re: Removing 'Hard To Remove' Labels
I've been working on hard-to-remove labels recently. A friend of mine was a team captain at GABF this year and I got 32 champagne-type bottles from Nebraska Brewing. The labels are really tough, with a paper label layered between a strong metallic base label and a plastic top layer. About 1/4 of the labels came off easily after soaking for about 5 days in oxiclean. For the others, I peeled up the corner of the label and used a dish rag to grab a hold of the label and peel it off. When the labels inevitably ripped, I used a paint scraper (the kind with a 1-sided razor which are used for getting paint off of windows) to carefully scrape away the rest of the label. A subsequent soak in oxiclean reduced the remaining adhesive to something that could easily be wiped off with a rag.

The paint scraper was the key for scraping the stubborn labels away. Just be careful and be sure your opposite hand isn't anywhere near the scraper--recycling a bottle isn't worth stitches. I used the dish rag to hold onto the neck of the bottle while scraping the labels off.

It's a pain, but these same bottles sell for $3 each at the local homebrew shop, so I figured it was worth it. I'm bottling my first batch of saison this Friday!

12/30/11 02:57 PM  
Re: Removing 'Hard To Remove' Labels
just put the bottle in the microwave for 30 sec on full power, then peel of the label in one go, the glue residue that remains is easily removed with ordinary cocking oil (corn,sunflower) and a kitchen scrubber.

you may want to avoid putting the ones with metallic in them for they may sparkle a lot, for those just dip them in biling water to dissolve the glue.

when i found this out label cleaning became so much easier

04/15/12 02:40 AM  
Re: Removing 'Hard To Remove' Labels
"the glue residue that remains is easily removed with ordinary cocking oil (corn,sunflower) and a kitchen scrubber."

I've been working on a de-labelling method for a couple of years. For hot glue labels I use the heat and scraper method too, but find that for removing glue residue, eucalyptus oil is much better than cooking oil. It contains a lot more volatiles and dissolves glue better. I used to use an acetone solvent but the eucaylptus oil is more effective (and safer). <<the glue residue that remains is easily removed with ordinary cocking oil (corn,sunflower) and a kitchen scrubber.

04/15/12 02:42 AM  
Re: Removing 'Hard To Remove' Labels
04/15/12 02:43 AM  
Re: Removing 'Hard To Remove' Labels
Sorry folks, struggling with the board format...Humblest apologies.
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