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Chris G
11/18/11 11:35 AM  
Best Belgian Yeast at Lower Temps?
Hey Everyone,

I've recently got back into brewing and love to brew Belgian Ales - just bottles up some Dark Noel Saison with the Saison II yeast from White Labs.

I do most of my brewing in the winter and have yet to find a yeast that does well in the lower temp range - do you have any your could recommend? I mainly looking for esters and character in the finished beer - I mostly brew saisons/goldens/grissette

Thanks - Chris

11/18/11 12:19 PM  
Re: Best Belgian Yeast at Lower Temps?
How low of temps? If you can get it in the 70's then the 3711 saison yeast is nice for the styles you recommend.

I'd highly recommend springing for some sort of heating system for your carboys. There is a thread on Homebrewtalk.com about how to make a cheap temp controller from an aquarium temp control unit. I build one and the total cost was around $35. Pair that with a heat wrap and you'll be able to dial in your temps during the winter.

Chris G
11/18/11 01:37 PM  
Re: Best Belgian Yeast at Lower Temps?
I'd say I get in the 65-70 range - I don't need all saison yeasts - I mean I had good results with the WL Chimay yeast at low temps in belgian pales but I was just wondering if anyone had a go to yeast that worked sell in a cellar condition?

Thanks DA - when I got back into brewing I made a promise to go as simple as possible - I've had all the gear: corker, bottle filler, kegging system, etc - its just became like homebrew packrat with all the s**t you end up collecting - you feel like your on hoarders when look at some of the junk you've got just to make beer :)

Setup now is partial mash - 2 $15 pots - 1 plastic carboy - 2 corny kegs with a co2 tank - no fridge, just cellar temp beer in kegs or bottle condition belgians in old duvet bottles - I love it!

11/18/11 02:29 PM  
Re: Best Belgian Yeast at Lower Temps?
Chris, I've used the Wyeast 3787 (Westmalle) yeast quite a bit, it does fine in the 60's. I tend to start lower around 64 or so and try and ramp up the temp at the end a bit to get it to finish out, but it probably would anyway given time. I've also used the Rochefort strain at lower temps, it's not all that estery though.

The 3711 will probably work fine for your saisons, though might not be your favorite profile for other styles as it puts off a lot of pepper and has very high attenuation.

I know what you mean about a lot of gear though. I feel like my system and setup is pretty basic, but damn there is a lot of stuff.

11/18/11 02:50 PM  
Re: Best Belgian Yeast at Lower Temps?
Thanks DA! I'll try those out.
11/19/11 02:29 AM  
Re: Best Belgian Yeast at Lower Temps?
Ive used both Wyeast saison strains in the low 60s and been fine. I've also used 1762 and White Labs 510 in the low-to-mid 60s, without any complaints.
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