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Nick Pederson
11/11/11 10:47 AM  
Souring beers that are traditionally not sour beer
So I'm just really getting into brewing sour, funky beer. I've done a Saison Brett that is fantastic. I have a 10 month old Flanders Red, and a 3 month old Flanders Red. I also just brewed a tradional Lambic with a turbid mash. But I was thinking that I could take almost any classic style of beer that leans toward the malty side and sour it. A dark Mild, a Porter, a Blonde Ale, a Brown Ale, Irish Red Ale and add bugs to compliment those malts.

I know this is kind of the definition of American Wild Ale, but are any other people doing this?

11/11/11 11:50 AM  
Re: Souring beers that are traditionally not sour
Possibly the best beer I've ever had was a sour doppelbock.
11/11/11 06:18 PM  
Re: Souring beers that are traditionally not sour
I have been known to sour beers that finish a bit too high in gravity for my liking. For example, I had a witbier that finished at 1.020 due to a thermometer screw up so I added some bugs and with a bit of time, the beer morphed into a delicious beverage.

I have also soured irish reds and old ales in this fashion....

Jeremy Meeks
11/14/11 01:04 AM  
Re: Souring beers that are traditionally not sour
Just bottled a smoked porter that was hit with brett...amazing what smoked malt and cocoa nibs taste like when the FG is sitting at 1.000
11/14/11 04:16 AM  
Re: Souring beers that are traditionally not sour
My last beer was sort of an export stout that I fermented with Brett. A portion was also set aside and fermented with only Lacto. After blending back together it turned out to be a fantastic beer! Sour and dark can work very well.
11/14/11 12:06 PM  
Re: Souring beers that are traditionally not sour
I think that most beer styles can be soured or funked. And the ones that don't fit I think are due to the amount of hops or bitterness used. To get around this, you can run-off the wort before the bitterness is at too high a level. (And dry-hop later if you want hop aroma)

I have done this with every beer I brewed last year. I would make an additional gallon and add bottle dregs.


Some of my favorite ones were combinations I wasn't sure would work. Such as an English Best Bitter with Brett B from Mikkeler It's Alright.

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