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11/09/11 11:25 AM  
Adding enzymes
So it is starting to look like this high gravity cider I make via reduction complicates the sugar strings. An ice cider must I made that weighed in at 1.125 fermented just fine with D47. The reduction cider must went in after that and is not getting the rise from the yeast I expected even though it came in at 1.120. I am thinking of adding some enzymes, but the must is already on the yeast. Does anyone know if its a mistake for the enzymes and yeast to be in there at the same time?
11/09/11 06:37 PM  
Re: Adding enzymes
What type of enzymes are you adding?
11/10/11 06:31 AM  
Re: Adding enzymes
Actually I'm not, I talked to Dr. Al yesterday night. When I brew I almost never do just one beer, I consider that a waste of good yeast. I do at least two, 3 if I have the space, pouring fresh wort on the previous yeast cake. I was applying the same thinking here. Thing is my worts are usually in the neighborhood of 1.050, not 1.125. Al's prognosis was that at such a high gravity the yeast should be considered spent when done and you need to pitch anew. Funny, I've been brewing 20 years, but I've not really encountered this situation before!

Anyway, I was thinking of alpha amalyse, but indicators are that I was over thinking. I had an extra packet of D47 (a wine yeast), pitched it and things are going fine now. Good thing the doctor was in!

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