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Fritz Eye
11/08/11 02:17 PM  
Bottling 1st Farmhouse
Brewed up a Blondish Belgian that started at 1.060 and pitched 3789 Trappist blend. I primaried for about 4 weeks and transfered to a secondary 7 months ago, FG 1.005. The sample has a nice barnyard smell. The flavor is half that barnyard and also a sweet tart sour apple for which I am happy with. When it comes time to bottle I imagine I would need to pitch some more yeast. Any suggestions on which type to use? I would like to get a little more funk to it. Should I let it take it's course for a few more months. Sorry for the novice question and any suggestions are greatly appreciated.
11/08/11 02:41 PM  
Re: Bottling 1st Farmhouse
If the gravity has been stable I would just bottle it. I would just use some S05 or something cheap to reyeast, you won't get much character, but you're really just looking to make sure they carbonate (which they probably would anyway even without extra yeast, but good to be safe). I think you'll notice more of the funkiness once it carbonates, I think it really brings it out more.
11/09/11 06:33 PM  
Re: Bottling 1st Farmhouse
If you are looking for more funk in the finished product you could always pitch the dregs of a commercial sour beer at bottling. Better yet, if you made a small starter with those dregs and pitched those at bottling time that could be your "yeast" added back to ensure proper timely carbonation. You would get some added funk and proper bottle conditioning.

I prefer the dregs from a Jolly Pumpkin, Russian River, or Drie Fontenin or Cantillon. They will all help to funk up your beer quite quickly. Starter or not.

Since you are already at 1.005, you could also boil up a bit of maltodextrin and add that back to your carboy along with new dregs and that would provide some extra tough fermentables for the wild ones to make an impact on your beer.

11/09/11 08:53 PM  
Re: Bottling 1st Farmhouse
Whatever you end up doing, just make sure to remember you only need a little bit of yeast, not a whole package. My first several sour beers I bottled were way overcarbed. Took me forever to figure out what was going wrong and finally found the answer somewhere on here.
Fritz Eye
11/15/11 02:51 PM  
Re: Bottling 1st Farmhouse
Thansk all, great advice.

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