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Matt F
11/03/11 10:08 AM  
Barrel temperature control
I'm filling a 55gal bourbon barrel with Belgian quad (eventually with bugfarm too). This is my first experience using a large barrel and unfortunately it can only fit in my garage which has large temperature variations (38f to 90f) over the seasons. Addtionally, there are temperature swings by up to 20f during a 24hr period in some months.

1) How big of a problem are these temperature swings?

2) Has anyone had a similar problem and found a successful solution?

Any suggestion is greatly appreciated, thanks.

11/03/11 12:01 PM  
Re: Barrel temperature control
I wouldn't worry much about the day/night temp swings, it probably takes a while for 55 gallons to change temps significantly. If you want to minimize that you could just build an insulated box around the barrel, that should average out your daily temps better. If you're averaging a constant 38 in the winter you could add in a temp controller hooked to a heating source inside the insulated box or something to keep the temps at least up near 50.

Just some thoughts. We have a barrel going here in Portland and it survived the summer and winter in an uninsulated garage.

Matt F
11/03/11 05:27 PM  
Re: Barrel temperature control
How hot does it get up in Portland (I'm in PA here). One of my primary concerns is that we can get heat waves that can keep the garage in the 90s for a week or two. I don't mind the risk for a batch or two but I'd hate to see 55gal of quad go bad.
11/03/11 06:08 PM  
Re: Barrel temperature control
we get heat waves like that in the summer as well. My assumption is even then the night temps typically get down in the high 70's or low 80's, so your average temp might get up to 85? I'm not positive on this, but that shouldn't be too bad. But if you were worried you could always build a larger box and stick a window AC unit in it or something.
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