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10/27/11 09:56 PM  
New Barrel Advice
I purchased a new 26 gallon Hungarian Oak barrel from Vadai and brewed 25 gallons of Saison with 3724. After one week the beer was transferred to the barrel. I'd like to make this a wild saison.

How would you innoculate a new barrel? Would you pitch commercial packs of Brett, lacto and pedio? Or would dregs be a better option?

Btw, these barrels are beautiful.


Mike T
10/28/11 09:45 AM  
Re: New Barrel Advice
I tend to like a combo of dregs and cultures (especially for a large volume like that).

A new barrel is going to impart a lot of oak character pretty quickly, you may need to move this beer out and another beer in before it has a chance to full sour/funkify. Ive only dealt with used wine/spirit barrels, so Im not sure how much time to suggest though (although even a month may be too long if you didn't do anything to remove the oak character).

10/28/11 01:52 PM  
Re: New Barrel Advice
Thanks for the tip Mike. I think I'll use a combination of dregs and commercially available yeast/bacteria.

The Hungarian oak barrels sold by Vadai are unique. The oak flavor they impart is very different then French , and nothing like American oak. Even after one year the impression left on the beer is fairly mellow. If anyone is considering buying a new barrel, the craftsmanship is impressive, and they offer a nice range of sizes. These are the same barrels sold by Morebeer, but buying direct is the way to go. I'm not affiliated with this company, just a happy customer.

11/04/11 03:51 PM  
Re: New Barrel Advice
I'd like to drill a hole in my barrel for tasting. Vinnie recommended a 7/64 drill bit with a stainless nail from McMaster. Has anyone here ordered these nails?

1.5 4d smooth common nail 316 stainless steel McMaster Carr # 97990A102

I'll send a Kriek to anyone who will send me a few nails of the size listed above. I only need a few.

Josh O.
11/04/11 04:14 PM  
Re: New Barrel Advice
shoot me your info (jwotis at gmail), i can send you some nails. Bit the bullet and ordered them myself after failing to find them at several hardware stores, now I have more than a lifetime's worth for my own use.

11/06/11 01:58 AM  
Re: New Barrel Advice
Thanks for the help Josh. I sent an email.
Paul V
11/11/11 01:17 PM  
Re: New Barrel Advice
I almost bit the bullet on the huge set of nails. Have a few more barrels that should be on the way soon, so I need to stock up. I can send some beer for some nails too.
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