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10/10/11 06:51 PM  
Best Way to Drop pH for all Brett brew?
I'm planning an all Brett C (WLP645) with a Citra. After reading Chad's presentation on Brett (http://www.ahaconference.org/wp-content/uploads/6-16-2011-NHC-Brettanomyces.pdf), I noticed the section on lowering the pH in order to get more flavor and attenuation from the Brett.

I considered adding lactobacillus to start, but I didn't know how well I could control that without having the sourness being too low and coming into conflict with the hops. I also considered using lactic acid, but I've noticed that it sometimes come across too tart and artificial.

Have any of you found a way to lower the pH for an all Brett beer without too much hassle?

10/10/11 09:35 PM  
Re: Best Way to Drop pH for all Brett brew?
Acidulated malt will be the way to go or utilize a sour mash. The goal is to have the starting pH of the fermentation nearer 5.0 pH instead of 5.3-5.4. Adding lactic acid until you get a pH reading of close to 5 shouldn't affect the flavor a whole lot. I have a feeling the artificial flavor from using lactic acid comes from using it to bring a beer that finished at maybe 4.8 pH down to 3.5 or something like that.
10/11/11 04:10 AM  
Re: Best Way to Drop pH for all Brett brew?
I would agree on the acidulated malt approach. Easy to control and my best brett starts have been when using acid malt to lower pH.

From the Weyermann website:

"Weyermann Acidulated Malt is perfect to adjust the pH level in mash or wort. There is a simple formula to calculate the dosage of Acidulated Malt: You have to use 1% of Acidulated malt to reduce the pH by 0.1. (Example: 3% Acidulated malt reduce the pH leve in mash by 0.3).

The exact effect depends of course on the special conditions in the mash or wort (buffering capacity ) and on the composition of the brew water.

Weyermann Acidulated Malt is produced by using lactic acid, which is generated by on grain natural occurring lactic bacteria."

I also like to use relatively high percentages of Acid malt to add a noticeable lactic character that plays well with brett. But if you use 3% then you won't notice it.

10/13/11 03:23 PM  
Re: Best Way to Drop pH for all Brett brew?
What would you consider "relatively high percentages of acid malt?" I've got a strong desire to play with acid malt to noticeable effect in brett beers, but I'm a bit intimidated.
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