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I just really like the work levifunk is doing!

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09/26/11 05:44 PM  
Neophyte looking for a consensus
Hi! I'm really new to homebrew, and me and some of my friends at the Kent University Real Ale and Cider Society (coughcoughshamelessplug) want to do something interesting and citrus-flavoured. After a Mikkeller Single Hop Night - and the resultant apocalyptic hangover, but then what else is being a student for? - I started thinking about hop combinations and one that I personally think would work well is Sorachi Ace and Willamette. Like I said, though, I'm ridiculously new to this whole thing, so tell me what y'all think of it!
tom sawyer
09/27/11 03:01 PM  
Re: Neophyte looking for a consensus
Sorachi has a lemony flavor/aroma, but Willamette is herbal/woody. I'd stick to the citrus theme and combine the Sorachi with something like Summit (tangerine) or Simcoe (grapefruit). Maybe throw in a little dried orange peel and some coriander, a la a Belgian wit.
Mike T
09/30/11 04:24 PM  
Re: Neophyte looking for a consensus
I recently got to try a tripel the Cambridge Brewing and Anders Missmeyer brewed with Citra and various citrus zests and lemongrass. The spicing/hops weren't heavy handed,a dn I really enjoyed it. Thinking of brewing something similar, although I'll probably tone down the alcohol.


"Hallertauer, Glacier, and Citra hops in the kettle along with orange blossom honey contributed a spicy/floral kick. Additionally, we boosted that character with lemongrass, fresh lime zest, and peel from oranges, lemons, and grapefruit. Spice and fruit notes from a guest yeast strain (Brasserie d’Achouffe) offer a unique boost of funky flavors that perfectly round out this tasty beer."

10/12/11 04:30 AM  
Re: Neophyte looking for a consensus
Cascade or centennial will also give you an intense citrus hit (mainly grapefruit).

Some german hops like tettnanger or hallertauer will give a much more subtle citrus flavour (orange and lemon respectively), as will styrian goldings (orange).

Challenger hops will give you a bit of marmalade.

I've had mandarin from some seasons of amarillo (as well as stonefruits after aging) but recent crops have also given me some passionfruit flavours. I'm not keen on passionfruit in beer.

11/11/11 11:01 AM  
Re: Neophyte looking for a consensus
I'd say Citra when extremely fresh has a real Lemon Pine smell flavor like Pinesol. I made a single hop Citra that when extremely fresh tasted like Pinesol, but then a month in the bottle and it morphed into Mango smell. Anyone experience this with Citra before?

11/12/11 07:35 AM  
Re: Neophyte looking for a consensus
Troegs, which is local for me, did a citra wet hopped IPA. It was very tasty but had an almost over the top peach mango flavor. It was very intense.
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