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Jim L
09/19/11 11:10 PM  
Barrel Aging: 3rd Use
Our homebrew club just drained two Silver Oak Cabernet barrels that were filled with a Flanders Red for a year. The Flanders turned out amazing and we racked an Oud Bruin in one barrel and a lambic in the other. Would you guys think this Oud Bruin and lambic would need to sit for 18-24 months in the barrel or do you think we'll get enough wood character in a year? The time isn't really important except I need to set an expectation with my wife now that I have 4 barrels (soon to be 5) aging in my basement.
Mike T
09/20/11 09:19 AM  
Re: Barrel Aging: 3rd Use
Oud Bruin and Lambic really aren't noted for having a strong oak character. If you get the sour/funk right, but the oak is lacking for your tastes you can always add some oak cubes to finish it up (which is what some brewers/winemakers do to save money on buying new barrels).
tom sawyer
09/20/11 11:29 AM  
Re: Barrel Aging: 3rd Use
I'd think you would have some nice beer at 12 months. After two uses the oak shouldn't be too out front with a third year.
09/20/11 09:33 PM  
Re: Barrel Aging: 3rd Use
Oak is almost gone by the third use and requires a longer aging process but the best judge is your tongue. Taste every 3 months.
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