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09/19/11 10:03 AM  
Brett and Saison yeasts
For my very first Brett beer, I am making 2.5 gallons of a funky saison. The Wyeast French Saison yeast (2nd gen) brought the gravity down to 1.003. I added Orval dregs and about 5 points of maltodextrine for the Brett to eat. Checked my gravity last night after 5 weeks: 1.000. Two questions:

First, is this gravity drop solely due to the Brett, or will this saison monster eat up maltodextrine, too?

Second, if I don't add additional sugars, will the flavor continue to evolve with age, or do I need to add more fermentables for this?


09/19/11 02:47 PM  
Re: Brett and Saison yeasts
I'm not sure about your first question, but the gravity drop is probably due to the Brett unless the French Saison was still fermenting down on the other sugars, which I have heard reports that it will continue for a long time.

Second, the flavor will change considerably over time with no further addition of sugar. That is what makes these beers fun to taste over time.

09/19/11 06:53 PM  
Re: Brett and Saison yeasts
The gravity drop is probably from the brett. I suspect though that 3711 can ferment some maltodextrine. I bottled a beer fermented with a 1st gen pitch of 3711 and added 4 points worth at bottling of MD. When I popped one only two months later it was carbonated considerably more than the bottles that did not receive the MD JP microbes. That was back in April. I just had a bottle the other week and it's tart but there is not much brett character to the beer. Over time the brett will consume some of the flavor compounds from the 3711 changing the profile of the beer.

This reminds me that I want to do a test of a starter with just MD in it with some 3711 to see if it will ferment. That will, I think, definitively demonstrate the hydrolyzing properties of 3711 and it's ability to break the MD down into single ring sugars for fermentation. Now I know what I'll do with myself on Friday!

10/13/11 09:58 AM  
Re: Brett and Saison yeasts
Definitely let us know how that turns out. I've got a saison on 3711 and Brett B now. I was contemplating the same test.
10/13/11 05:49 PM  
Re: Brett and Saison yeasts
I'm actually going into my school lab tomorrow. I'm going to make up some plating media to streak my old culture of 3711 and pick a very healthy colony. Then next week sometime I'll autoclave some DME in a culture bottle. Get that decently grown up to try this MD test with 3711. I think it's a good reason to fire up the big shaker incubator that is sitting brand new and unused at school.
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