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08/23/11 11:24 AM  
CiderDays 2011
For anyone interested and located reasonably convenient to NW Mass, tickets for this years event go up on September 1st. At least that's what the site says! If you're into cider making its really a must do. Its out in the wilds of MA too, a beautiful setting. I think this will be my 6th year going. If you're wondering what the heck I'm taking about, here is their website:


Last year they added an ice cider tasting. Fascinating stuff. I learned enough to attempt an ice cider, which failed but got me close. I'm pretty sure it taught me enough to try again, I think I know how to get it right this time. An ice cider that's not just a moderately strong cider that's spiked is an awesome drink, the cider version of English barley wine.

08/28/11 10:59 PM  
Re: CiderDays 2011
Steve, I've been meaning to get to cider days the last couple years but something else has always come up. Hopefully this year is different.
tom sawyer
08/31/11 08:06 AM  
Re: CiderDays 2011
Its already Cider Days at my place, just bottled my second batch last night. Batch one got MLF and was primed with orange blossom honey, its dry and delicate. This last batch I left more tart and primed with amber Belgian candi syrup.
08/31/11 09:42 AM  
Re: CiderDays 2011
With respect Tom, that's like saying brewing a batch at your house is the NHC convention.
Tom Sawyer
08/31/11 03:26 PM  
Re: CiderDays 2011
I live 1000 miles away and can't afford the plane fare or the time off. It has to be as good, or at least as close as it gets this year.

Besides, you haven't seen my place. I have around 1500 bottles of homemade wine from kits and fresh grapes, at least a dozen beer styles on hand at any one time (including several sours) and now cider. Four barrels, three with wine and one with Flanders red.

Do I wish I could attend Cider Days? You betcha. In fact I have this in mind as part of a new england vacation for the family next year.

09/01/11 01:17 PM  
Re: CiderDays 2011
The time of year sure works for that. And the great part is that unlike the NHC there are loads of non-fermention things going on too. So for what is primarily a fermented cider event - complete with general tasting session (which is absurdly crowded despite having added a second session), smaller sessions like an ice cider tasting, constant panel discussion usually with tastings, a home"brew" evaluation sessions and a cider dinner - it is very family friendly. Heirloom apple tastings, orchard rides, those kinds of things. And its so great to be in New England then.

Anyway, its not about sheer volume, although there is plenty to be had from dozens of commercial cideries. Its about the collective knowledge, the great people there and the special mojo of being in apple central in a late fall. Hope you can work it in for next year.

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