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I just really like the work levifunk is doing!

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Gordon A
01/21/12 02:56 PM  
Re: Cascade Brewing Barrel House
"plumbers strain of Brett called Beckamoyces aasskraquii"

There's no way that this isn't a joke. Right?

02/07/12 11:06 AM  
Re: Cascade Brewing Barrel House
I have two bottles coming and my plan is to keep a vial of liquid LB for each bottle at my house then take them to school and throw them into the incubator. This would be to hopefully grow something up from what I assume to be a low viability bacteria population after the long aging. Then I will check it under a scope. If I see bacteria I will plate it and incubate in a chamber. Now the problem I have is no access to O2 scrubbing packets. So what I might do is try and flush the chamber with C02 from my tank at home once the plates are in there. That I would think could create enough of an anaerobic environment for the lacto to grow to nice colony sizes. Sure it wouldn't be an accepted method of analysis but I'm just trying to get the culture.

Then I can pick what colony/colonies I want and grow them separately to see if they look different than each other. I might email Al Buck to see if he has better advice for a media other than LB. Obviously at some point I'd transfer from LB to an agar plate with malt extract to see how it grows there as well.

Troy Robinson
07/17/12 11:23 AM  
Re: Cascade Brewing Barrel House
Any updates on lacto strains or attempts are brewing similar beer?

I have a ton of blueberries and sour cherries that I want to use up, and I think I am going to try to make something of a strong Berliner Weisse and then add fruit to the secondary. I have a keg of 1.035 Berliner Weisse that I made a few months back. I added a can of Apricot Puree to the secondary, and while it tastes good, the body is too thin. Also, it is tart, but not really sour.

My technique for the Berliner Weisse was to make a standard wort and boil it with about 10 ibu. Pitch a big starter of Lacto first and let it sit for 4 days at about 90 degrees. Pitch ale yeast and let it sit for a few weeks, then add the fruit puree. I am thinking I wasn't patient enough to give the lacto time to sour it.

07/17/12 11:46 AM  
Re: Cascade Brewing Barrel House
I haven't done tried to do anything with the lacto yet. I was turned off by the Kriek it has a weird aluminum note to the beer. Sure it was super sour, but had a weird metallic finish that I didn't like. I can say that what I tasted between the two beers makes me appreciate true mixed fermentations as much more complex better beers (if done properly that is). Plus at $20 or more a bottle the Cascade is just as expensive as me buying what I feel to be better imports. I might just throw the some of the culture I have into a mixed culture with my normal souring microbes. If someone is interested I can send some of the culture for pure culture techniques to isolate the lacto. I don't have access to a lab since I graduated and the place I'm working at now only has a microscope for me to work with.
07/17/12 06:55 PM  
Re: Cascade Brewing Barrel House
Is the aluminum taste that you describe similar to the taste that you get when a beer is spiked with pure lactic acid to a super sour level? When I've done this as an experiment to see what pH in a beer I can take I get a medicinal note once it hits a certain level of sourness. At first, I thought this flavor was coming from the commercial lactic acid. That was until I just tried one of my 2yr beers that had Russian River dregs and persimmons. It was crazy sour and had a fair amount of citric acid and I still got this taste.
07/21/12 01:40 PM  
Re: Cascade Brewing Barrel House
I can't honestly say what is causing the weird flavor I didn't like. It could be the super low pH as you mentioned, whatever it is I don't like the beers all that much. Especially when I can pick up Russian River type stuff for about the same price. The Cascade brewing beers are lacking the complexity offered by brett which I understand they don't use.

They're not terrible beers by any means. I just feel they're flat and one dimensional and for the price I want more.

Also to clarify when I say true mixed fermentations I'm not saying they just add lactic acid. I'm talking brett, pedio, and lacto all together with other wild sacch type yeasts. My saison made with ECY20 rocks I could drink it all day long. It's complex, sour, slightly bitter, and funky. It worked out as a beautiful experiment to have a sour in 6 monghs. I'd take my first mixed fermentation sour over Cascade's beers anyday. Sure that might sound slightly pompous and arrogant but that's how I feel about their beers lacking complexity.

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