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08/07/11 04:45 PM  
Priming One or Two Year Old Sour

Tomorrow I plan to bottle 20 month old barrel aged sour beer. Looking at the calculator http://kotmf.com/tools/prime.php the lowest residual CO2 is .73 at 80 deg.

I want about 2.5 Vols of CO2. If I am thinking right here I can enter 3.2 for desired co2 and that would compensate for the lack of left over co2 and give me about 2.5 vols.

For fresh yeast I am going to use Rock Pile, same as RRBC. Store at 60-70 until I drink it all up!

Any other thoughts of bottling old sours?



Mike T
08/08/11 11:11 AM  
Re: Priming One or Two Year Old Sour
With barrel aged sours our assumption is that they hold onto ~.4 volumes of CO2 (seems to have worked for us in the past). Wine yeast is a fine idea as well, good insurance.

Our group bottled 40 gallons of 20 month old wine barrel Belgian single (based on the original RR Beatification). Aiming for 2.5 volumes, for each 5 gallon bucket, we added 5.9 oz of corn sugar and a rehydrated blend of wine yeasts. The rest of the barrel went onto cherries, cabernet grapes, and white nectarines (just a gallon of my share).

Good luck!

08/08/11 12:19 PM  
Re: Priming One or Two Year Old Sour
Thanks Mike.

I just read your post on your last Flanders Red bottling and subsequent tasting.

For the first 15 gallons today I am going with 6 oz per 5 gallons of cane sugar (my wife has a corn allergy and dextrose is mostly derived from corm in the US).

Looking for about 2.5 to 2.7 Vols of CO2 in the bottle.

Thanks again,


09/18/11 12:28 PM  
Re: Priming One or Two Year Old Sour
have you sampled a bottle yet bdub? please report back when you do.
09/19/11 11:14 AM  
Re: Priming One or Two Year Old Sour
how much dry yeast is needed for a 5 gal. batch to be bottled?
Mike T
09/19/11 02:34 PM  
Re: Priming One or Two Year Old Sour
The rule of thumb is 10% of what you'd pitch for a similar beer for primary fermentation (~1 gram for 5 gallons).

I have heard (from Chad Y) that if you use too much yeast (in addition to more sediment in the bottle) you can end up with over-carbonation when the cells autolyze and release trehelose which Brett can ferment.

09/20/11 09:41 AM  
Re: Priming One or Two Year Old Sour
So far the bottles I have tried are right in the 2.5 range. I used a few grams of wine yeast per 5 gallons and 6 oz table sugar. I have more to bottle in the next few weeks.


09/20/11 09:45 AM  
Re: Priming One or Two Year Old Sour
There's an excellent article from Northern Brewer on determining exactly how much priming sugar, yeast etc, for a variety of conditions, including Brett beers:


09/21/11 01:06 PM  
Re: Priming One or Two Year Old Sour
Any advantage to using wine yeast vs something like US-05 ?
Mike T
09/21/11 02:52 PM  
Re: Priming One or Two Year Old Sour
Wine yeast tends to be more acid/alcohol tolerant than ale yeast. Champagne yeast in particular is nice because it is highly flocculant. They also tend to be cheaper than US-05.
09/21/11 05:14 PM  
Re: Priming One or Two Year Old Sour
Cool, thanks for the tip Mike
09/21/11 09:06 PM  
Re: Priming One or Two Year Old Sour
I think I might have finally figured out my over-carbonation problem, never even thought about it being from adding too much bottling yeast!
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