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08/06/11 03:03 AM  
Saison blending
I'm wanting to blend a saison that just finished fermenting (1.006)with a little bit of lambic. Should I just bottle after blending or add sugar?
tom sawyer
08/06/11 09:15 AM  
Re: Saison blending
I would add some priming sugar. I don't think whats left in the saison is going to be enough to get the carbonation levels you are looking for.
08/06/11 04:09 PM  
Re: Saison blending
I've done exactly what you are planning on. A little sugar will get the blend carbonated quickly, but after a while you'll end up with geysers. 1.006 is a bit higher than my saison finishes (1.002 - 1.004). Hard to give precise recommendations as blending is an art. Maybe use 1 to 1.5 ounce of sugar per 5 gallons. If you can use Orval or thick bottles.
08/08/11 06:54 PM  
Re: Saison blending
This beer will super attenuate but to what degree is anyone's guess.

Here's the math

.5 oz sugar/ 1 gal of beer = 1 volume CO2

.5 oz = .03125 lbs * 40pts/lb = 1.25 pts = 1.00125

This does not account for any carbonation that is already in solution this just shows you once the beer is sealed (bottle or keg) that every 1.25 pt drop will give you an extra volume of CO2.

You can see how you don't need to drop the gravity much for a lot of carbonation.

I doubt you will need any sugar, but who knows how long it will take to carbonate. Plus you have the unknown that other microbes that don't produce CO2 will eat the remaining sugar.

If you want to try this then you best bet is to bottle in Champagne bottles and taste a bottle every month. When the carbonation is right then put in the fridge. But this could still result in bottle bombs.

08/08/11 09:25 PM  
Re: Saison blending
If I do it, I'll definitely use heavy bottles. I'm kind of leaning towards just kegging it though.
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