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08/05/11 02:28 PM  
Sour beer and your belly
Certain sour beers, in particular barrel aged 'wild' beers are rough on my stomach. They often give me gut wrenching gastrointestinal issues. I love sour beer, but not the side effects. Antacid didn't help, and my wife is telling me I should stop drinking sour beer. Am I alone with this?
tom sawyer
08/06/11 09:12 AM  
Re: Sour beer and your belly
There are times when it will give me some indigestion and/or problems a little farther down the road. Its not something that happens every time though. If the stuff is making you that uncomfortable, I'd stick to other styles or blend to reduce the overall acidity to something you can handle.
08/06/11 02:15 PM  
Re: Sour beer and your belly
If you know you are going to drink some sours in a row, then maybe try taking some pepcid AC or other antacid before drinking to help reduce the sour stomach feeling. that should at least help to minimize any crappy feelings.
08/06/11 02:18 PM  
Re: Sour beer and your belly

My wife can't drink certain sours any more because they give her stomach problems.

Although there are some that are okay for her.

She likes the more bretty beers with a little sourness. Seems like the lacto sourness okay for her, but the pedio and lacto with the brett gives her problems.


08/08/11 11:27 AM  
Re: Sour beer and your belly
Maybe you just need to build up your tolerance? ;)
08/17/11 04:30 AM  
Re: Sour beer and your belly
When I first got into sours, I'd go out and have a few and without fail wake up at like 3am sober vomiting. I've built up a bit of a tolerance but I also won't drink more than 2 or 3 strong sours in a night.
08/17/11 06:31 PM  
Re: Sour beer and your belly
Never had this problem, but I have not had indigestion problems since I started eating healthier about 6 or 7 years ago.

One particular thing I make an effort to do is to eat real yogurt everyday. The microbes are very good for digestion, I think they would possibly help when it comes to sour beers, as the microbes are similar... may help build up a tolerance so to speak? I dunno, this is nothing but a blind guess on my part, I aint no scientist.

08/18/11 12:06 PM  
Re: Sour beer and your belly
If your body is reacting strongly to intenser wild beers it is probably trying to tell you something. Maybe something important, maybe not. If I had strong physical reactions to intenser wild beers I'd probably learn to be satisfied with the milder versions just in case.
08/19/11 10:30 AM  
Re: Sour beer and your belly
I thought this topic was on something completely different. Think the big Scottish guy from Austin Powers: "sour beer, get in me belly."

I've never had any problems with sours. I've had entire nights of only sours, and way too much on one occassion because it was a lambic featival in Belgium. No tummy problems, no hangover.

I've always heard people say an individual's 'body chemisry' is involved. Even a naturopath friend mentioned this. If you have difficulty try antacids prior and post consumption and don't drink them on an empty stomach or right before you go to bed.

I always knew my mass consumption of homemade sauerkraut as a kid would one day pay off!

09/01/11 01:23 PM  
Re: Sour beer and your belly
I get problems with any live beer with too much yeast in it, sour or not. I won't beat around the bush here...there's a certain awful smell to my "off-gassing". My theory is some of those live yeast and/or bacteria are fermenting things in my intestinal tract.

My point is, I wonder if it is less about the pH of the beer and more about the amount of live microbes. You might try something like Beano, or I hear there are some other natural products even stronger that can cut down on gas issues. Or, try to find filtered versions. New Belgium's beers are filtered and pasteurized, I believe, and don't have the added back-sweetening that a lot of other pasteurized sours have.

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