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06/24/11 12:44 PM  
Berliner Split Batch Issue
I cant figure this one out.

Last July I brewed a No boil Berliner used the Wyeast blend that was out. 1 smack pack each in 2 carboys 6 gallons each. The first batch I bottled in December is so good. It's the one I advanced to the final round of NHC with. I didn't have any regulation sized bottles of batch 1 to send so I bottled up the other carboy first week of May to send for finals. It's popcorn and butter.

My only guess is maybe the other carboy had something else in it?

07/05/11 06:22 PM  
Re: Berliner Split Batch Issue
You could have had a had had a Pedio infection in the carboy. Can't think of another source.

But just add some Brett to that beer and it should clean it up pretty well. I had a Scottish Ale that got some Pedio infection in the keg (at least that was my guess) and started turning a bit sour and big time diacetyl.

In March, I pitched some Brett from a bottle of Mikkeller It's Alright. I just bottled some and tasted it a week ago. And it was a very nice beer. I now call it my Scottish Stock Ale.


07/06/11 12:04 PM  
Re: Berliner Split Batch Issue
Wow, that's pretty fascinating. So the only difference between the two (not counting different smack packs of the same yeast at the same time) is one of volume? The Pedio theory sure seems sound, could the causal factor be its interaction with the extra air in the head space of the carboy?
07/06/11 01:39 PM  
Re: Berliner Split Batch Issue

Not to bump the post, but did you get your final round feedback yet? Still waiting for mine....

07/06/11 04:11 PM  
Re: Berliner Split Batch Issue
@SteveG- No the volumes were the same. Two carboys both had 6 gallons. Other than the time they were supposedly exactly the same.

@brewinhard- Not yet. I had to email Janis about today about a re-payment the AHA owes me and got an out of office reply saying if this was about results they should arrive starting this week

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