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I just really like the work levifunk is doing!

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06/20/11 09:56 AM  
I have a Lambic going that has been in the primary for about 6 months. Not much of a pellicle on it very very thin white layer on portions of the surface.

I have a Flanders Red that is about 3 months old and has a pretty good size pellicle on it. I added some wine soaked oak cubes about a month ago and the pellicle started forming quicker after that,(introduced to much oxygen?)

I have a bunch of Russian RIver Sours to drink up and would like to add the bottle dregs. Do you think I should just save them for another batch, or just pour them in the carboys? Any harm in disturbing the pellicle? Or adding to much oxygen when trying to pour into the beer?

Mike T
06/21/11 11:57 AM  
Re: Dregs
What bugs are in there already?

I’d vote for adding the dregs just for added complexity. In my experience it is not an issue to slightly disturb the pellicle, or introduce a small amount of oxygen while a sour beer is aging (I wouldn’t do it weekly though).

Good luck

06/21/11 12:32 PM  
Re: Dregs
in the lambic there is al's ecyo1 or whatever the lambic yeast was I cant remember

For the flanders it was his flemish yeast. I have added A joly pumpkin to the flanders also

Some dregs have been added to the lambic when it was made.

THese are some of my first few sours and was not sure about adding them and introducing to much oxygen or just save them for a future batch. I wasnt sure about the pellicle to. Thanks for the info

Mike T
06/21/11 01:03 PM  
Re: Dregs
Sounds like you've got plenty of bugs in there, I'd just leave them as is. A minimal pellicle indicates that you haven't let much oxygen get into the head space (good work). Just did my first beer with the EYC Flemish Red bugs, looking forward to how it turns out in a year or two.
06/22/11 08:42 AM  
Re: Dregs
Ok, I am not going to be able to save my Russian Rivers for to long. Never had them before and I have 3 or 4 of the sours. I wold like to use the bugs but might not get around to brewing something for a while. Should I just make a starter and pitch them in there for now and just keep steping it up until I get time to brew?
Mike T
06/23/11 12:01 PM  
Re: Dregs
When you open them I'd make a starter and just keep it in the fridge until you are ready to pitch. If you build the starter up and keep it warm the various microbes will reproduce at different rates.
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