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06/19/11 10:07 AM  
How to store sour barrel between bottling and brew
I am hoping to bottle some 30 gallons of a 60 gallon barrel and store the other 30 gallons. Should lady luck, aka my wife, be on my side this could happen this week.

The barrel will then be stored until next week when I plan to brew into it. Not my first choice, but the most family friendly.

Only looking to inhibit mold growth my plan is to rinse the barrel with hot water via an outside hose, let it drip dry for half a day and burn a sulfur wick.

The following week 30 gallons of beer goes in the barrel for fermentation. Followed by topping of the previously held back 30 gallons from the original brew when the foam settles a bit.

Any other ideas that meet the goal of holding back the mold for a week or so? I really want to preserve the brett; after all they are Al B critters and the beer is really nice.

Happy brewing,


06/20/11 06:37 PM  
Re: How to store sour barrel between bottling and
i don't know if this is possible given your situation, but I would brew 30 gallons first (during the time you were planning on bottling), then store 30 gallons from the barrel to bottle later, and swap in your new wort. that would minimize oxidation through transfer and would be the most efficient.

if that is not a possibility, why not just leave the "other" 30 gallons in the barrel and purge the barrel with CO2? that would minimize oxidation and save you some time. i believe the alcohol in the barrel combined with the CO2 would also prohibit mold growth, but i'm not 100% sure.

06/26/11 06:37 PM  
Re: How to store sour barrel between bottling and
After talking with some wine makers they mentioned using nitrogen or argon to pure with. CO2 tends to dissipate faster than they like. Also mentioned rinsing the barrel, let dry and burn a sulfur wick. All very traditional wine makers treatment for barrels.

My plan is to bottle one day and brew the next. It just mean 2 days for brew related activity vs the one per week the wife would prefer.


tom sawyer
06/27/11 11:11 AM  
Re: How to store sour barrel between bottling and
Why not bottle 30gal and leave the rest in the barrel and top up with another 30gal ala a solera? This is what I'm doing, getting a blend this way. I enjoyed the initial pull, haven't made the second pull to know what direction things are going. I plan to regulate the flavors by the amount I pull from the barrel each time.
06/27/11 05:06 PM  
Re: How to store sour barrel between bottling and
<<>>Why not bottle 30gal and leave the rest in the barrel and top up with another 30gal ala a solera?<<>>

I would like to move the barrel into my new barrel storage area. A good time to get the trub out of the bottom and make it possible to move it before the next fill. From now on I would like to age the beer for a minimum of 18 months and would like it stored in the new area for the next year and a half.

Other wise that would be top on my list.


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