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06/14/11 07:45 PM  
AlB - Propagate ECY01, ECY02

I would like to pitch ECY01 and ECY02 EACH to 10 gal of wort (20 gal total). What is the best way to build culture?

My thoughts are to pitch a bottle of yeast to about 1 gal starter, let ferment for few days at 70F... no excess aeration or stiring to protect the pedio and lacto. Then pitch 1/2 to each 5 gallons.


tom sawyer
06/16/11 11:54 AM  
Re: AlB - Propagate ECY01, ECY02
These are blends of several microorganisms each with their own growth rates. I think a starter would mostly just amplify the Sacch yeasts. That'd probably not be a problem though, it'd give you the good initial fermentation and after that the bugs would take it from there. You probably won't have changed their numbers/ratios since they seem to multiply more slowly.

The alternative would be to use whatever Sacch yeast you might want, and then pitch the ECY cultures in after the majority of fermentation is done.

Mike T
06/16/11 03:46 PM  
Re: AlB - Propagate ECY01, ECY02
I built up a Bugfarm III in a 1/3 L starter 24 hours before brewing a 10 gallon batch (half of which along with the yeast cake from the other half went into 25 gallons of wort, followed by another 25 a week later). Seemed to work fine (12 hour lag), beer is solid after 18 months in the barrel.

Alternatively pitching the bugs along with some additional Sacch in primary would work. I've always had problems adding bugs to already fermented beer (unless a barrel is involved).

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