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Rob B
06/13/11 02:26 PM  
Summer Saison w/3711
Planning on brewing a summer saison for a July 4th get-together, how well does citrusy or tropical-fruity hops work with 3711? I was curious about a citra and/or amarillo saison.
Alex L
06/13/11 04:33 PM  
Re: Summer Saison w/3711
Yes I think this would work. I don't know of a specific commercial example of a Saison using 3711 and amarillo, but gooseislands sofie is primarily hopped with Amarillo according to there website and 3711 doesn't put off the usual Belgian charateristics that some would argue clash with American hops as they oxidize. If your set on the July 4th date and brewing a Saison I would stick with the 3711 so that you won't run into the attenuation issues often experienced with the dupont strain.
06/13/11 05:25 PM  
Re: Summer Saison w/3711
Funny you should ask.

I just brewed a traditional Saison with 3711. And some of it is dry-hopping in the keg right now with Amarillo. I'll post back shortly with my results.

My table version had a great lemon/citrus aroma and taste.

Brew Session/Recipe:




I got the idea from Barlow Brewing:


06/16/11 08:12 PM  
Re: Summer Saison w/3711
Try using Sorachi Ace for a nice lemony, citrus effect for your saison. Brooklyn makes a nice saison with it.

I would stay away from Amarillo unless you bitter with it and I wouldn't use Citra in a very dry beer like a saison.

Also, Saaz works great with the 3711.

Remember, a saison should be bone dry and very strong hops will be accentuated in such a beer. The best saisons I've tasted have the hops and yeast balancing each other.

It's all personal taste but I still think American citrus hops are a total train wreck in Belgian beers.

06/19/11 11:32 PM  
Re: Summer Saison w/3711
A little late. In February I made a Saison with 3711 and Amarillo hops. 1oz for 60 min- 1/2 for 20- 1/2 for 2. Ramped up the temp to 85 for 2 weeks. Awesome beer!
07/29/11 05:30 PM  
Re: Summer Saison w/3711
I dry hopped with .5 oz of Amarillo in my 1 gal of my 3711 French Saison. Wow did it change the flavor profile and really bring out the citrus notes. You could definitely taste the tangerine/orange thing. The other interesting part was that it made the beer taste much sweeter, maybe because the brain links orange flavor as being sweet.

I did like it, but I will try some other types next year.

07/29/11 08:47 PM  
Re: Summer Saison w/3711
I like using Sorachi Ace and Sterling (way better Saaz alternative) in my Saisons. I also agree with Ross!
09/22/11 07:16 PM  
Re: Summer Saison w/3711
The only commercial Saison I have come across that ferments with 3711 is Oso brewery Picnic Ants. They are a Wisconsin brewery and the yeast is alive in the bottle if you want to reclaim it. If anyone has info on using 2 yeasts with a Saison, one of which would be 3711, please let me know. This is the direction I would like to go in.
09/23/11 11:20 AM  
Re: Summer Saison w/3711
Upright Brewing in Oregon also uses 3711


On the Brewing Network Session, they spoke to Trinity brewing who uses a blend on 3711 and Dupont. This podcast has some great info on Saisons and Wild beers.


09/23/11 11:27 AM  
Re: Summer Saison w/3711
I was going to mention Upright. They make some tasty beers, and 3711 is their house strain.
Scott J
09/23/11 03:01 PM  
Re: Summer Saison w/3711
For my last Saison I basically used a blend of 3711 and Dupont (i.e. WLP 365).

Funkwerks uses 3711 as thier house strain.

09/26/11 09:43 AM  
Re: Summer Saison w/3711
<<Upright Brewing in Oregon also uses 3711


They actually switched over to a new strain, De Ranke's I believe, because of all the trouble, as mentioned in the previous blog post, they had with 3711 attenuating too much.

09/26/11 11:21 AM  
Re: Summer Saison w/3711
<<attenuating too much.>>

Not something you hear too often with saison brewers.

09/26/11 08:06 PM  
Re: Summer Saison w/3711
Attenuating too much? No such thing for a saison. :)
Paul V
09/26/11 10:05 PM  
Re: Summer Saison w/3711
Citra and Saisons are ridiculous good together. Picked up a wicked lacto strain from a Fantome culture. Balances it out nicely though.
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