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05/29/11 05:59 PM  
observations on some 100% brett ferments
i brewed 11g of not-too-hoppy 13P pale ale a few weeks ago and fermented 5g with brett b and 5g with brett l. both were wyeast, but the brux was produced march 2011 and the lambicus was produced december 2010.

for the brett i made 1cup starters for each smack pack and shook them up every hour or so over the course of the day (couldn't find my brett beer o2 stone). after a week i stepped them up by a quart and a half. i shook those up intermittently for 2 or 3 days then let them go for a week. 3 days before brew day i put them in the fridge so i could decant* before pitching.

once the pale ale was knocked out and the beers were pitched (@ 70F), i shook the buckets a lot and did so roughly every hour for a day as i had neglected to find my brett beer o2 stone or buy a new one. fermentation took a little bit to get started as most 100% brett ferments have done for me before but when they did they seemed to be working quite well with decent sized krausens. they were kept at 65F ambient for the first 3 days and once they appeared to be at peak fermentation (~8 days) i moved them to a warmer ambient (~75f) for a week. fermentation calmed down and i moved them back to a colder ambient for a week and that brings us to today when i am bottling them.

the brett brux came in at 1.007 and tasted quite dry. hops were quite present. malt character was extremely low as was any brett derived flavors/esters.

the brett lambicus finished at 1.003. it had big nose of fruit (cherry, apricot, something else) as well as some biscuity/cookie-like malt. taste is low on hops but full of brett flavor though more fruity/leathery than and not so much barnyard at all. this beer actually had more body than the brux beer.

sorry for the long post.

*i decanted both starters into 5g of belgian blonde. letting them do their business for a month or three...

tom sawyer
05/31/11 01:56 PM  
Re: observations on some 100% brett ferments
Did you blend them or bottle everything separately? Sounds like I'd enjoy the latter, especially since it only took a few weeks to ferment.
05/31/11 07:27 PM  
Re: observations on some 100% brett ferments
the plan was to blend 50/50, bottle that, then bottle the remaining 2.5g in separate batches. but laziness and reluctance to add a third bottling session to my day resulted in just bottling each batch separately.

now that i have a good bit of both brett b and brett l slurries around, i'll probably do another split batch and blend those.

tom sawyer
06/01/11 09:08 AM  
Re: observations on some 100% brett ferments
Wow you're as bad as I am. You can always blend in a pitcher right before drinking.
06/02/11 01:44 AM  
Re: observations on some 100% brett ferments
4 of us are getting ready to brew 48 gallons of a Sanctification clone as the base beer. We have 4 brett/buggy yeasts we are pitching: Wyeast & White Labs Brett L, Brett A, and Russian River oak chips. We will also ferment out 26 gallons with WL 510/530. 4 gallons will be for a control, 22 will be split amongst the 4 bretts. The last 22 will be 100% Brett ferments with the above strains. I am curious as to how the two Brett L strains will be different. Cherry pie vs Barnyard/Funk. I'm working on some blending #'s for these as well that mirrors what Vinnie at RR is doing, but with our available yeasts. I'll post back when we brew, sometime in June.

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