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Dan S
05/20/11 10:28 AM  
brett, oak keg or secondary?
I have a Porter that's been @ 1.020 for a several weeks. It started @ 1.056.

I plan on finishing it off with some Brett a (small starter from a bottle of Orval) and some American medium toast oak cubes that I Bourbonized for a week.

I was thinking of putting it a keg and adding the oak and brett, and letting the brett carbonate it naturally.

But was also considering just racking it to a glass carboy and letting it finish out in that and then keg and force carb.

Any thoughts , advice ?

05/20/11 01:15 PM  
Re: brett, oak keg or secondary?
I'm not sure that you will get the carbonation you are looking for unless you plan on adding priming sugar (and in that case it's probably not going to be the Brett that is eating up the sugar.)

In my experience, brett works pretty slowly and your keg probably has at least some minor leakage.

05/20/11 01:45 PM  
Re: brett, oak keg or secondary?
Your second option WILL work. The first option will work only if you want the Porter served as an English Real Ale with minimal carbonation, but you'll still have to wait a long time.
05/20/11 06:39 PM  
Re: brett, oak keg or secondary?
I think you could have good results aging in a keg with the brett and oak, but as far as carbing it naturally that could be a crapshoot. Why not just add some gas to it prior to serving?
Dan S
05/21/11 06:29 AM  
Re: brett, oak keg or secondary?
Thanks for the advice, I wound up putting it in the carboy, Putting it directly in the keg might have been the easier option but, I didn't want to tie up a keg for a long time, plus I am curious what this is going to look like, if anything, while the brett is doing it's thing.
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