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I just really like the work levifunk is doing!

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Alex L
05/16/11 12:21 PM  
St. Somewhere yeast strain
Just had their Saison the other night an enjoyed it. Has anyone had success culturing up from dregs? Do they bottle with their primary strain?

Thanks for the input

Mike T
05/16/11 02:00 PM  
Re: St. Somewhere yeast strain
It is a Dupont mutant, and house Brett B infection. As far as I know they don't filter or pitch a different strain for bottling. I haven't tried their using their dregs, but here are a few quotes we got from Bob for the saison article my friend Nathan and I have in the next issue of BYO:

"We started out with White Labs WL565. The famed Dupont strain. It took several generations to acclimate to the brewery environment. The first few batches took a couple of weeks to fully attenuate. We now reach full attenuation, typically down to almost zero, in a three days. Seventy some odd generations later, along with whatever wild yeast picked-up from the air, I'm convinced, what is now our house yeast, could ferment water. I pitch at a much higher temp. than normal (80F) and let it rise as it will to 90F or so. As soon as it drops below it's high point, I'll turn on the jackets to keep it below 75F for a couple of weeks."

"I still inoculate each bottling of Saison Athene and Lectio Divina with a shot of older beer with a more mature Brett. colony."

"Pays du Soleil gets a dose of Brett. Lambicus at bottling."

05/16/11 02:56 PM  
Re: St. Somewhere yeast strain
Great info and can't wait to see that article.

I just used the dregs from The Bruery Saison de Lente. They took off in less than 24 hrs being pitched into a gallon of 1.058 wort. I can't find what strains they use either.

I will have to get a bottle of St.Somewhere to try.

Alex L
05/16/11 03:42 PM  
Re: St. Somewhere yeast strain
Wow awesome info. Thanks for the response. I'll also be looking forward to that piece
Mike T
05/16/11 04:26 PM  
Re: St. Somewhere yeast strain
The Bruery keeps A/B/L in house (plus one from Fantome, is that from you Al?) not sure what they use on de Lente though (love that beer).
05/16/11 10:15 PM  
Re: St. Somewhere yeast strain
I've pitched St. Somewhere dregs for the brett, but never tried culturing the yeast. I have no idea how old my bottles were when I pitched the dregs, but for whatever reason the brett didn't take off like some of the other dregs I've pitched. Not taking anything away from the beers, which are excellent, but I've had much better luck getting brett from other sources.
Alex L
06/01/11 09:34 AM  
Re: St. Somewhere yeast strain
to update, I've successfully been able to culture up the dregs from a bottle of saison athene and the aroma from the starter seems to match the yeast characteristics of the original beer. I can't detect any brett but I'll see what happens when I actually make a beer with it in the upcoming month.
Al B
06/01/11 10:23 AM  
Re: St. Somewhere yeast strain
<<The Bruery keeps A/B/L in house (plus one from Fantome, is that from you Al?) not sure what they use on de Lente though (love that beer).>>

Yes, it is. The brett in Lente is Bruxellensis.

Mike T
06/01/11 04:22 PM  
Re: St. Somewhere yeast strain
Good to know. We gave East Coast Yeast a little shout out in a piece Nathan and I have on American Saisons in the next issue of BYO.
11/23/11 01:04 PM  
Re: St. Somewhere yeast strain
They do bottle with a champagne yeast, but they don't filter. I pitched the dregs of Lecto Divina into 1 gallon of American Blonde Ale after primary. We'll see what happens!
07/20/12 01:23 AM  
Re: St. Somewhere yeast strain
what happens??
Alex L
07/26/12 10:47 PM  
Re: St. Somewhere yeast strain
so just tasted my all- st. somewhere dregs ( Athene) fermented saison. its probably about a year old. It's pretty Brett forward at this point. It tastes closest to Brett B but came out fruitier (pearish) when compared to the all brett B ferment I did with the same base wort, which came out less fruity and had a stronger metallic type flavor.
08/20/12 05:03 PM  
Re: St. Somewhere yeast strain
My Lecto Diniva dregs haven't produced any noticable brett characteristics.
08/23/12 11:11 AM  
Re: St. Somewhere yeast strain
As my post from 2011 indicates, I didn't have much luck with St. Somewhere dregs the first time I used them. But I decided to try them again a few months ago, pitching the dregs from 3 bottles. This time they worked nicely and quickly, and I have a pretty significant brett profile after only 4 months. Not sure what changed this time, but this time it worked.
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