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05/15/11 01:07 PM  
1st time using Pedio...questions
I've got several batches of wild beers under my belt now and working on my next beer. All of mine so far have been brett beers with commercial dregs added. This time i'm going to add some WY pedio in the mix. I plan to use vinnie's method of doing a primary with sacc, then racking to secondary and adding the brett B 1st, then add the pedio maybe a month later. I'm thinking I want to do a belgian strong dark. One of the things I was wondering was about the alcohol tolerance of the pedio.WY website says that 9% is about the max. Anyone have advice on a big beer with pedio? If the beer is bigger than 9% is the pedio going to just die? I figure after primary and then the brett, the abv will be fairly high. AFter a year or so I think I want to add some figs.

Is the pack of pedio going to be fine without a starter?

Mike T
05/16/11 10:35 AM  
Re: 1st time using Pedio...questions
I know other people have experiences that differ, but making a sour beer without adding the lactic acid bacteria in primary has never worked for me in carboys. This method has worked fine for me in barrels, not sure if it is the wood, oxygen, size etc… Russian River does Consecration ~10% ABV, so their Pedio must be able to handle higher alcohol, so it is possible (I know they have a house lactic acid bacteria culture).
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