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05/14/11 08:30 PM  
I have a Flanders in the secondary and have a few dregs I was wondering if I should pitch or not.

I used Al's Flemish Ale in the primary, I have a bottle of JP Bam Bier and it is a different style but wondering if I should pitch the dregs to the flanders? Or will that kind of steer it off the style profile?

05/14/11 08:31 PM  
Re: Flanders
Or even to the further extent, with any style, what is everyones take with doing something like this? Like lambic dregs in a flanders or sour brown, or vice versa?
05/15/11 05:15 PM  
Re: Flanders
At this point in the game the main flavors have been created. Adding dregs will add some complexity. It should not completely change the flavor profile. Take my advice with a grain of salt as I am rather new at this. I have my first flanders red aging it is about 10 mos old now. I used wyeast Roeselare for the flanders. I pitched dregs from several beers along with the roeselare blend and I have added dregs as it ages. It has tasted fantastic all along. I have added all kinds of other dregs from several JP, Orval, Cantillon etc...

I suppose if you want to see what the original yeast blend will do on its own then you should hold off. However I do not think it will overwhelm the flavor profile personally. Good luck

05/15/11 08:29 PM  
Re: Flanders
I am pretty new to sours to which is why I was wondering, I was thinking along the same lines you were. Have 3 going at the moment and the dregs I have added to my Lambic, have been from Lambic beers. For my Flanders I have not added any dregs yet. My other is just a little experiment of a beer I really didn't care for so I just started throwing some dregs in the keg. It is starting to smell great after about 1 1/2 months
05/16/11 02:48 PM  
Re: Flanders
I have not added dregs to my Flanders Red because I have been happy with what the Roeselare blend has been doing. Plus I like to test out the dregs separately before adding to a big batch. This will let me know what they taste like on their own and if they will be a good addition to another beer.

Depending on the age of your Flanders it may not do a lot to change the flavor if you take into account you are pitching not so healthy bugs to compete with happy healthy bugs.

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