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05/09/11 01:05 PM  
russian river sanctification
anyone know what strain of brett was used in sanctification?
Mike T
05/09/11 02:30 PM  
Re: russian river sanctification
Here are the notes I took from one of the BN interviews he gave:

Initially had Brett anomalus, but it was dropped later. Brux and Lambicus plus Lactobacillus (all in primary). Ferments at about 80 F. Long lag, then flies down to 1.020, before it finally crawls the rest of the way.

The bottle log looks like they are now using the strain Avery cultured from Drie Fonteinen(?): http://www.russianriverbrewing.com/pages/bottle/sanctification.html

05/09/11 03:09 PM  
Re: russian river sanctification
awesome, thanks for the info.

next time i will spend more than 2 seconds checking out their website.

05/09/11 06:22 PM  
Re: russian river sanctification
Whatever it is it's incredibly active in batch 5. I cultured the dregs along with a year old bottle of Orval and it was super active. I made a starter and stepped it twice (~600ml to 1.5L to half gallon) to ferment 5.5 gallons of 1.060 wort and at each step it took off quickly. I brewed it about a month ago and it's down to 1.009 and has some intense funk.
05/09/11 06:36 PM  
Re: russian river sanctification
Yeah! Russian River dregs are the bomb. They are quite viable even in their stronger ABV% beers like Consecration (10%)!
05/09/11 06:51 PM  
Re: russian river sanctification
spencer, did you get much sourness?
05/09/11 07:54 PM  
Re: russian river sanctification
It has a light acidity so far, it was brewed 4/4 and I'll probably let it go for another 2 months or so before I bottle to see what develops. There is barnyard funk up front, a bit of a weird corn flavor (DMS?) that I have only experienced in a bottle of Fantome Hiver before(i hope this fades out) then has a soft lemony finish. I know the common belief is you should boil Pils based beers for 90 minutes to drive off DMS but I've never had a problem before boiling for 60 minutes so I think the corn flavor is yeast based not from DMS but I could be wrong. Any input from you guys would be appreciated though.

Here's my recipe if this helps:


Amount Item Type % or IBU

8.00 lb Pilsner (2 Row) Bel (2.0 SRM) Grain 71.11 %

2.00 lb Vienna Malt (3.5 SRM) Grain 17.78 %

1.00 lb Wheat, Flaked (1.6 SRM) Grain 8.89 %

0.25 lb Caramunich Malt (56.0 SRM) Grain 2.22 %

0.35 oz Warrior [15.80 %] (60 min) Hops 17.3 IBU

Mashed at 152

O.G. 1.060

S.G. 1.009

05/09/11 09:58 PM  
Re: russian river sanctification
Sound like the Dr. Dre Brettanomyces ferments like sacc and is really fruity. Might be great for bottling, like our friends a RR have already found out. I might have to drink some more for research. I will get back to you....
06/20/11 05:53 PM  
Re: russian river sanctification
The dregs from batch 5 of Sanctification arw aggressive. Eight days ago I pitched the dregs from a 375 mL into 0.3 g of a 1.030 starter. In about three days I saw some activity, though the temp was only around 62F. I raised the temp to about 65 for the next few days as activity increased a bit. I brewed 5.2 g of a 1.061 wort Saturday, pitched, and by 24 hours it was fermenting in high krausen. I though my starter was a bit small but I guess not. I didn't taste the starter but the aromas were slight barnyard and lemongrass. Impressive.
07/26/11 04:21 PM  
Re: russian river sanctification
Five weeks later and I've racked the beer to another carboy. At about four weeks in brett colonies were starting to form on top of the beer, but colonies not a true pellicle yet.

To recap, it was 5.2 g of a 1.061 wort and after five weeks it's only down to 1.028, so about 54% attenuation so far. This was fermented solely with the dregs of a RR Sanctification, stepped up. The fermentation was pretty strong, sacch-like, but this seems pretty slow to only get to just over 50%. I've read that they tend to get down to around 1.010 in 4-5 weeks and then slow down, at least in a 'normal' gravity beer.

The flavor was really nice, quite acidic, and I was surprised when I measured the gravity because the acidity really masked the sweetness.

Has anyone else had experience with brett only getting to 50% and then slowing down? Does anyone think I should be concerned at this point? Right now I plan to check the gravity in a month or so and if it's not below 1.020 I'll be concerned and might add another bug to lower the gravity. If it's below 1.020 I'll just relax. I planned to primary and then add a ton of similar batches to a barrel I just acquired.

07/26/11 04:27 PM  
Re: russian river sanctification
This info is straight from an email from Vinnie a few years ago:

You could easily homebrew this beer at home as it is fermented in stainless steel and none of it goes into oak barrels. I don’t have an exact homebrew recipe though I think Brew Your Own has done some variations of the recipe though I don’t know which issue.

Here are some basics:

85% 2-row Malt

5% Vienna Malt

5% Wheat Malt

5% Acidulated Malt

OG: 1.058

TG: 1.006-1.010

ABV: 6.25%

BU’s: 25ish


Styrian Golding 90 minute – beginning of boil

Sterling 15 minutes to go in boil

The yeast is a mix of Brettanomyces and bacteria’s.

50% Brett Brux.

10% Brett Claus.

10% Brett Lambicus

30% Russian River Brewing “Funky Bunch” house yeast culture- mix of Brett, Lacto, Pedio, & other wild yeast

The RRBC house culture we call the “Funky Bunch” could be cultured from a bottle of Beatification which is out on the market now. In Napa, JV Liquor is getting their delivery of Beatification on Monday.

You’ll see a long lag phase at the start of fermentation and then a slowing of fermentation when it gets to 1.020, from there it has to sit for a couple of months before it gets down to the gravity listed above. Depending on if you bottle or not you will need to make a decision on the final gravity. If you do bottle it has to be bottled at 1.010 or so, but, not above that or the bottles will over carbonate and the bottles might explode.

Good luck,


07/26/11 06:35 PM  
Re: russian river sanctification
Don't they filter out the bugs and bottle with a different strain? In the case of Sanctification batch 5 it is their brett brux? This is what I assumed but I could be wrong. Maybe they just filter out the sacch before it goes into the barrels (I know they do this).
07/27/11 12:29 PM  
Re: russian river sanctification
3 brewers and myself recently brewed up 48 gallons of the base wort with 22 gallons split amongst 4 carboys. Each carboy is being fermented with WY Brett L, WL Brett L, Brett A, and the Russian River culture (via oak chips Vinnie handed out). Going to blend according to the above %'s and see what we get.
Mike T
07/28/11 08:57 AM  
Re: russian river sanctification
Chris, I believe they centrifuge (although I'm not sure if all of their beers are), which knocks down the cell count, but won't remove the bugs entirely. I had good luck getting bugs from the old corked and caged La Folie, and that was centrifuged as well.
07/28/11 10:07 AM  
Re: russian river sanctification
I'd bet it's tough to get everything filtering due to the smaller size of brett and much smaller size of bacteria in comparison to saccharomyces.
07/28/11 10:20 PM  
Re: russian river sanctification
My wort still isn't actively fermenting, even after four days. Quite slow. I added 0.5 g of a beer that had been fermenting a 1.060ish wort five weeks, plus probably 4 ounces of the top of the sedimented slurry. I'm new to brett-only ferments but I've used them a lot in mixed fermentation. If nothing by Saturday I'll pitch some fresh WY Lambic blend I have. Does anybody see anything seriously wrong with what I've done? Probably a little underpitched, with brett that had slowed down. Just trying to learn a bit more about this particular strain of little beasties.
07/29/11 01:54 PM  
Re: russian river sanctification
ChrisPr: My all brett beers have been extremely slow to start visibly fermenting. As many as 5 days.
07/31/11 02:40 AM  
Re: russian river sanctification
Thanks Jeff. I know there's a decent amount of Brett from RR Supplication in there, but no signs of fermentation so I added WY Brett Lambicus and Pedio. Too bad I couldn't go all RR Brett, but I needed to add these at some point anyhow. I think my problem was not enough Brett and too low tempsv(64 F), maybe.
07/31/11 05:06 PM  
Re: russian river sanctification
When doing 100% brett beers a large starter is desired for a shorter lagtime. I typically will do at least a 1 qt starter for each brett I pitch. I will usually let the starter ferment warm for at least 7 days before pitching the whole starter into the wort.

Another hairy topic which many are unsure about is whether or not to add oxygen upon pitching. I have had great results adding about 60 seconds of pure oxygen to help the brett get their metabolism and growth geared up for a large ferment. This will also decrease the lag time and help the ferment get off without a hitch. I have done batches where I did not aerate and those where I have, and found minimal difference in flavor/aroma profile, but did notice quite a bit difference in lag time. 3-4 days w/o oxygen versus 24-36 hrs with! Just adding my experiences to the board!

Cheers as I sip a 300 IBU Double IPA with 9 0z of dry hops! Surprisingly smooth at 9% ABV and 1 week in the keg!

Paul V
08/04/11 11:36 PM  
Re: russian river sanctification
I see someone else from TN is on the board other than me. I have brewed a recipe similar to what Brandon mentioned and it turned out very close.
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