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04/21/11 03:04 PM  
DuPont Dregs?
Is there any consensus on whether or not the bottle dregs are indeed their primary strain? I've read in a number of places that they bottle with a lager strain. Has anyone here ever built up a starter from the dregs and used it in a batch?
04/21/11 04:53 PM  
Re: DuPont Dregs?
the dregs work good. i used the dregs from a 750 bottle and scaled it up several times for a week or so on a stir plate.

primary fermented at 80+F and the brew was dry and spicy.


04/21/11 06:22 PM  
Re: DuPont Dregs?
I have some fermenting right now and it sure smells like a Saison. I used the dregs from DuPont foret in a cup starter and then up to a gallon.
04/21/11 11:56 PM  
Re: DuPont Dregs?
I've had success with Dupont dregs as well. Just make sure to work up a good sized starter.

I've heard this lager strain for bottling thing before, but never from any reliable source. In practice, whatever is in there makes a nice saison :)

04/22/11 12:30 AM  
Re: DuPont Dregs?
I've been tossing around the notion of building the dregs up to a pitchable point, and doing a split batch between wy3724 and the built up dregs. Glad to hear some positive experiences though.
04/24/11 12:23 PM  
Re: DuPont Dregs?
I've used the dregs with success as well.

According to my notes I got slightly better (by a couple %) attenuation, and I felt like the yeast characteristics were more complex than in the same recipe with just #3724.

I've only compared dregs vs. 3724 once, though, so I'm not willing to say it's necessarily the yeast making the difference. Anyone else have insight?

04/27/11 12:57 PM  
Re: DuPont Dregs?
made a 200ml starter last night, ( added a wee pinch of nutrient), krausen was beginning to form as of about 2am.

Would the best bet be to let this run its course for a week or so before stepping it up, especially in light of the dreaded 1.020 lag?

lastly, when the the time does come to step it up, should just add another 200ml of wort?

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