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10/17/11 05:27 PM  
Re: WLP670 American Farmhouse
Bottled the first batch with this, yeast/brett has a very strong character, best description of the spice taste is pepper/black pepper (none actually added). I will sit down with a cold/carbed sample this week and try to take some better notes (these are just my recollections from tasting a sample at bottling). But my overall impression was very positive, very dry and a very strong yeast character.
Mike T
11/15/11 01:29 PM  
Re: WLP670 American Farmhouse
I missed using 670 the first time around, but I just heard from Neva Parker that it'll be coming back as a year round offering for 2012.
12/01/11 07:29 AM  
Re: WLP670 American Farmhouse
I brewed a saison with 670 in September and am pleased with the results. It attenuated better than I expected, with an FG of 1.009, a bit below the target of 1.013, from 1.060. The brett in the American Farmhouse yeast blend definitely makes its presence known - it's peppery, funky, and lightly phenolic, but not overwhelming. Other, not necessarily yeast, aromas are allowed to shine through, including hay, orange pith, and herbs. Likewise, the flavour is quite dry, but "sweet" flavours of muted honey and green apple are present, and a grassy bitterness complements the funk from the brett. It also seems to be mellowing somewhat as it ages.
01/05/12 03:18 PM  
Re: WLP670 American Farmhouse
With the new release of the platinum strains list (http://www.whitelabs.com/beer/2012_Platinum_Strain_Series_Release.pdf) I saw there is a new WLP644 (Brettanomyces bruxellensis Trois) and WLP585 (Belgian Saison III Yeast) coming out.

I thought maybe these were the strains that made up the blend, so I asked someone at Whitelabs and they repeated that the strain is proprietary but "It is not what is mentioned below"

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