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04/19/11 08:25 AM  
Flanders Smell
I opened up my FLanders Red using Al's Flemish Ale the other day to take a gravity reading. It was fermenting for just over a week. 8 or 9 days I believe. I took a whiff of the bucket and felt like I almost burnt my nose hairs, so strong and overpowering that I had to stop before I could smell it again.

I checked it a few days later and smelled great and gave a little taste to make sure everything was alright.

Anyone have something like this happen before? Or what I can chalk it up to? I could not believe how strong the smell was. I am glad it dissipated

Mike T
04/19/11 08:29 AM  
Re: Flanders Smell
Was it CO2? The first time I helped out at a brewer I made the mistake of sticking my head inside a recently emptied tank to see what it smelled like... won't do that again.
04/19/11 08:41 AM  
Re: Flanders Smell
haha. you'd be surprised how many people on brewery tours stick their face in a very active blow-off bucket only to rip their face away just as fast with tears in their eyes.

04/19/11 10:46 AM  
Re: Flanders Smell
I dont think it was CO2, maybe it was a mixture of CO2 and the funkyness of the yeast? But I have had the CO2 blast before and it was not like that at all.

Maybe the CO2 that was in there made it worse, but in 5 years of brewing never smelled something like this. Which is why I am stumped, I was worried but since it has dissipated I am not as worried.

Rob B
04/20/11 10:27 AM  
Re: Flanders Smell
CO2 is exactly that...I had 4 fermenters going in my fermentation chest at the same time and made the mistake of bending my head into the space...wow! Talk about an intense burn in the nostrils.
04/20/11 12:32 PM  
Re: Flanders Smell
I am assuming it was that. Although it was completly different than what I have got from that before. I am assuming from the funky yeast smell, possibly some sulfur or other bye-products from fermentation. It was more like a huge funky nose on a infection times 10.

My initial though was some sort of infection. These are my first few sours so the smell just really surprised me

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