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04/18/11 10:19 PM  
When to use Sorachi Ace

I plan on doing a 1.070 Belgian Blonde using WY3522. I

I have an ounce of Sorachi Ace and I am looking for the lemony/citrus notes to accent the WY3522 light fruit and tartness. I thinking Sorachi .5oz @20mn and 0min.

Not sure what to use for bittering. I have the following hops:

Warrior, Hallertau, Tett, Cascade, Cent, Sterling, Styrian

Any suggestions?


04/19/11 10:54 AM  
Re: When to use Sorachi Ace


I am looking at 35 IBUs in total and the Sorachi is 9%AA

04/19/11 07:05 PM  
Re: When to use Sorachi Ace
Are look more for aroma or flavor? I have heard that the flavor and aroma of Sorachi does not hold up well. What size batch.

I would suggest using the full once in the 10-15 minute range or right at the end. I'd probably use some late Centennial to add fruitiness. For bitterness, I'd lean towards the Warrior.

04/20/11 08:01 AM  
Re: When to use Sorachi Ace

Thanks WitSok,

It's a 6gal batch. I want a noticable (not intense) hop contibution - noticable lemony flavor/aroma in the background.

Since I have never used this hop I figured small amounts late in the boil will give a baseline for the future use. I like your suggestions: Warrior to bitter, .75 oz Sorachi @ 15 min, and at 0 min of a mix 25oz Sorachi and 1oz Cent. Sound good?


04/22/11 08:51 AM  
Re: When to use Sorachi Ace
Sound like a good plan. At these amount the hops should be noticable, not over powering. Let us know how it turns out.
04/23/11 11:20 PM  
Re: When to use Sorachi Ace
I used S Ace in a IPA when they first came out, I ended up using 1.5oz late in the boil

It had a terrible fake lemon flavor that was really over the top, I ended up dumping it because I couldnt handle it, I would tend to be cautious with the late SAce additions, if it doesnt have enough lemony flavor/aroma you can always dry hop with some

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