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04/17/11 08:58 PM  
I have a few of my first sours going at the moment. Lambic, FLanders Red and an Santification clone.

I know I planned on keeping these carboys for sours in the future and any hoses, airlock, stopper I use on them will just be for sours

My question since I am just getting into sours, how far apart do you guys keep all your equipment?

I was just going to have two separate small rubber-maid tub things for sour and non-sour beer. How do you guys keep your equipment?

Same with fermenters that are full, do you have sours fermenting and aging right next to your non-sours beers? I am not sure how far of an extent to take this? I do not know how these bugs can travel throughout a place

Mike T
04/18/11 08:50 AM  
Re: Equipment
I keep my gear/fermenters near each other. I keep my sour gear in my sour bottling bucket (and clean in clean). There are wild yeast floating through the air anyway, and you'll be sanitizing, so no major worries about proximity in my opinion.
04/18/11 09:24 AM  
Re: Equipment
Same as Mike. I've been doing sour beers for over 15 years, I have no idea what equipment components have touched bacteria laden beer and which have not. I assume it all has, and I still do lagers. I loose the very occasional batch, but by and large I have no reason to believe a lack of exclusive equipment has worked against me.
04/18/11 10:26 AM  
Re: Equipment
I have a sour bottling bucket that I keep all my post ferment sour equipment in. I ferment sours right next to my "clean" beers in my temp controlled chest freezer. Have never had any problems. :knocksonwood:
04/18/11 05:53 PM  
Re: Equipment
cool that's what I thought. Thanks guys.

Was not quite sure about the proximity of things, but its what I thought.

Anyone on here, ferments clean beers in the same PLASTIC fermentor?

If I needed the space I though just a long long soak in PBW/oxyclean a long soak in high concentrated starsan then a good rinse and sanitize and take a chance if needed.

I plan on keeping a few fermentors I think just for sours ( i only use buckets and better bottles 5/6g)

04/18/11 11:21 PM  
Re: Equipment
For what it's worth, every now and then I run all of my airlocks, tubing and wine thieves through the dishwasher on the sanitize cycle. Just for safety sake.

04/19/11 08:19 AM  
Re: Equipment
I thought about that just never did it as airlocks were cheap..I was not sure if they would make it through the heat of the sanitation cycle. They dont warp at all?
04/19/11 09:37 AM  
Re: Equipment
I put an airlock in the lower dishwasher rack without thinking, and yes, it warped.
04/19/11 10:47 AM  
Re: Equipment
Thats what I thought, even some of the hoses I would think would warp unless they are the high temp ones
04/19/11 03:50 PM  
Re: Equipment
I have had one warp, but the others, so far have made it.
04/28/11 02:15 AM  
Re: Equipment
I keep my equipment seperate. As for air locks? They are only a buck a piece.
05/17/11 03:21 PM  
Re: Equipment
I use the same equipment and have never had a contamination problem. This includes carboys, plastic buckets, tubes and hose.

I just make sure to sanitize before and after use. BBrite for at least an hour, followed by a rinsing and StarSan before use. BBrite soaking for several hours after use with no rinsing.

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