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04/16/11 08:42 PM  
Speed of Brett?
In general, how quickly does Brett work? I know it depends on a number of factors but I pitched a vial I'd Brett c. into a beer that was down to 1.022 about a month ago. I just took a sample and it's only down to 1.020. It had some Brett flavor, but I had expected a bigger drop in gravity by now. I know Brett beers take time but this seems slow to me.
04/17/11 02:16 PM  
Re: Speed of Brett?
Brett C. is not a hardcore attenuator like B. and L. It will take at least 4-6 mos for it to work on the residual sugars and knock the gravity down into the teens. What temperature are you keeping the beer at? Low to mid 60's should be appropriate for best flavor and aroma profile with Brett C. at least in my experience. If you are a bit higher than that, then no worries as it will keep the brett happy.

Be patient and you will be greatly rewarded in time. :)

04/17/11 02:46 PM  
Re: Speed of Brett?
I've got it sitting in a part of the cellar which is in the low-mid 60s. No temp control so as it warms up outside the temp in the cellar will start to rise as well - though I can move it closer to the north side to help keep it from getting too high too fast.

I didn't realize Brett c. dis not attenuate that much. Any idea where I could expect the gravity to stop? I was thinking sub-10 which is why I was surprised at how high it still was.

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